The anthemic and upbeat feel of JAZZ JAZBA ‘Juro Gey tou Jano Gey’ is going to turn into a burgeoning experience which will commute you towards the gushily swoon of purgative entertainment. Dint Get it? Well, Jazz Jazba is all set to come up with a unique and one of the kind gizmo and that is, the concept of “ROCK-UMENTARY”. JAZBA has planned to bring the inside-out of Rock Star Atif Aslam through a filmed documentary, for that they have arranged a ‘Jazba Generation Tour’ in which Atif Aslam will be performing along with QB in multiple cities of Pakistan.
The first Press Conference regarding the stir was held in Mall Of Lahore on 28th Oct, 2012, which was hosted by the cool duo Ali Safina & Shehzad Khan who would also be the raconteurs of ROCKUMENTARY. Ali added ‘I am glad to be a part of the making of ROCKUMENTARY’. Apart from hosts, the speakers list was comprised of QB, Atif Aslam and Jazba Brand Manager Mr. Saif Ud Din Khan who initiated the conference and derailed the lucrative sheen of ROCKUMENTARY concept. He told the purpose of taking Atif Aslam on board which is his up roaring fame amongst youth, the inspiration he brings in, the gusto, the vehemence he ignites in youth, are enough factors to serve the purpose of Brand Jazba. He further unfolded the idea of heating the youth participation by setting up talent hunt in over 100 universities of Pakistan, picking up the talented young photographers, designers, artists etc who will get a chance to work on and with Atif Aslam during this grandiose extravaganza. When he finished, QB came up and thanked team JAZBA for giving her the opportunity of being a part of this ‘HISTORY IN THE MAKING’
Then the limelight of the show, Atif turned up and told that “Very few nations celebrate their living heroes and I am glad to be a part of this ROCKUMENTARY. All our efforts would be diverted towards providing platform to the talented youth of Pakistan who direly deserves it, moreover, we’ll also be filming and bringing the candid and splendid life of mine on-screen”. In addition, he took this ROCKUMENTARY enchantment as an important leg of his career as it will provide him with a chance to let people know about his side of the story.
Moving further, Mr. Zeeshan Pervaiz will render his filming skills for ROCKUMENTARY along with Forward Media Productions. The film would last for 1.5 hours, covering up “JAZBA GENERATION TOUR” and would not be released in cinemas rather possibly be shown up on TV channels and the social networking sites. In the end, Atif Aslam unveiled the logo of ‘ATIF ASLAM Jazba Generation Tour’ followed by signing t-tshirts.
So here’s a wrap of the press conference which was attended by a number of media personnel and it informed the media and attendants a lot about the entertainment dose that JAZBA is going to inflict in Pakistanis through their progressive plans. All the speakers were jubilant and enthusiastic about the call and are definitely hoping for the best to come in forthcoming time.

To know about the further details on JAZBA GENERATION TOUR, you can visit the official site or contact on social networking sites i.e FB: and Twitter: @jazbaofficial

Written by: Anum Iqbal

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