XXI – Scottish (Official Video)











The song tells the story of a lost girl trying to find her way through. Its been a very long time since we came into the scene as a band, Scottish for XXI means music , which for some unknown reasons is now lost in Pakistan. But we are back here, for the love, happiness and the joy that music brings with it. Let us not lose it, not yet 🙂


Lead vocals: Yahya
Guitars: Moheet



Apni dhun mein chalti wo jalti thi
Dekhnay mein alag thi wo ek thi

Badal barastay thay jub wo roti aanso bahati
Us ki nazar jo padi to bana hai mera fasana

Us ki hansi mein jo baatein hain chupi
keh daiti hain sub he ko ye kinara hai paas koi

Main aur wo ek he awaaz thay
Wo aur main ek he pukaar thay

Roshni mein jaltay hain jaise sur wo us kay
Gaati hai jaisay wo toota howa khwaab koi

Raastay anjanon pay wo chalti hai
Kho jaati dua jub koi

Kaash aasmaanon mein rung dikh jatay bikhar aatay
Jin rangon ko saja ker wo khel sakay

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