Theatre in Lahore has seen a major revival in recent years

Theatre in Lahore has seen a major revival in recent years, and a major contributor towards this revival is Theatre Hub, who after producing immensely successful plays such as ‘Khatra-e-Jaan’, ‘Jaal’ and ‘Ishq with a Twist’ have now embarked on producing their fourth theatrical production by the name of ‘Nizam Sakka’, which will be held between 28th to 30th July at Alhamra Mall Road Hall 2.
The Urdu comedy play, directed by Talal Ali Jan, is based on a true story which dates back to the Mughal era, when an ordinary person named Nizam Sakka saves the life of Humayun during a fight off with Sher Shah Suri. As a reward for saving his life, King Humayun grants Nizam Sakka one wish. Nizam Sakka requests to become king of the subcontinent, and astonishingly, Humayun accepts Nizam Sakka’s wish and makes him king of the subcontinent for one day. As the world of an ordinary man unexpectedly takes a complete twist, the antics that follow are bound to leave the audiences hysterical!
Hijab Tarique, playing the role of Naseeban says, ‘I had never imagined when I first auditioned for Theatre Hub’s play that the sort of effort into making this play would be of this magnitude. Even the tiniest of details are given so much time and effort and it took me a while to understand, and learn, the importance of perfection and hard work.’
Producing a play is no doubt a very dynamic art. It is unfortunate that people walk in and out of the auditorium without having the slightest of ideas regarding how much effort each dialogue, prop, costume and technical aspect is given.
Kumail Mustafa, one of the Co-Production Managers said, ‘The experience of being involved in theatrical productions in the past is definitely paying off. This year we encountered no such problem which we didn’t expect earlier and our planning and preparations were spot on! Each year we execute newer ideas and different concepts and I am confident that this year our audience would be impressed yet again.’
The excitement is definitely building up and expectations are certainly high from Theatre Hub this year. Hopefully, the culture of viewing and understanding quality theatre would be established once again, removing the ‘stage drama’ culture and humor present in our society.

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