Jimmy Khan Live in Concert!

Jimmy Khan, dubbed by critics as one of Pakistan’s most exciting young musicians to emerge in 2011 released his debut single ‘Pehla Pyar’ in April to much acclaim with fans and the press instantly dubbing the song as a feel good, cool and catchy summer favourite. In this span of time, the video for Pehla Pyar has received over 19,000 views on Youtube alone with additional 10,000+ views on his official Facebook fanpage.

On Monday, 27 June 2011, Jimmy Khan performed a live set with a complete band for the first time with Sameer Ahmed of co-Ven and Mauj on Bass, Kami Paul of Mekaal Hassan Band on Drums and Jamal Rehman of True Brew Records on Guitars in an event organized by Origami with public relations by Lotus.

Jimmy and the band opening the show with his debut single “Pelha Pyar”. The crowd, which also comprised of musicians such as Zeb and Haniya, Rakae Jamil, Fashion Designer Munib Nawaz and Media Personality Nadia Jamil, cheered and sang along in a energy-filled atmosphere where he also performed covers such as Johnny Cashs’ Ring of Fire, New Shoes by Paolo Nutini, Better Together by Jack Johnson and I Want You by the Kings of Leon where Kami Paul played a riveting drum solo. Jimmy also performed an upbeat preview of his second single ‘Aisay Kaisay’ which he intends to release following Eid.

With an energetic performance, the band was asked for an encore to which Jimmy Khan responded with his debut single ‘Pehla Pyar’.



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