When talking about the scenario of rock music in Pakistan, Irtaash one of the pioneers of rock music from Islamabad and they have emerged to the top of the music industry since the release of their single “Kaali Raatein”. I have been a Irtaash fan since the first time I heard their single Kaali raatein. Their singles such as Kaali raatein, Khauf and Musafir are still widely listened and enjoyed by the people. Not to forget their amazing number “Tu Naheen”. When made it to the internet, radio and television, it totally rocked the music charts of Pakistan. Now the “Irtaash” is a band featuring Yasir Jaswal on vocals, Farooq Shah on rhythm guitars, Umer Sohail on lead guitars, M.Talha on bass guitars and Ali Nadeem on drums. For Further more details about the band, you can check out their official fan page.

I am a Karachiite and unfortunately, I have never been able to witness the live performances yet and this feeling of regret just got healthier in me when I saw the video of Irtaash’s performances at the launch of their album. Another guilty feeling rose in me the disappointment that Irtaash’s album got launched and it wasn’t highly marketed and looks like yet another talented band of Pakistan album is going to be wasted.
The day before yesterday, I was roaming around near the National Stadium in Karachi and there I was shocked to see the billboard of Irtaash’s Kaala Safaid Aasman. This really influenced me to buy out the album and as soon as possible and I went to Rainbow Market Sadder, Karachi to buy the album. Luckily I was able to find the album at a very affordable price. Straight away as soon as I bought the album, I could not resist myself listening to some of the new tracks of Irtaash so I played the whole album in my car on my way back home.

The album kicks out with a patriotic track “Raastay”. The track describes the feeling of a guy who is just confused about the way things are going on in his country. “Kuch bhi nahi raha mere wastay, Aanjane huwe saare raastey.” A great rock song to start things off with. The second track is “Hum Nasheen” – one of the famous track of Irtaash of whom the band has released a very fine video too. It’s a track of a guy who want to express how much his love is true and wants to convince his love, “ In Rangoon mein kabhi rung tou mila ke dekh, iss jeevan mein kabhi aik pal tou bita kay dekh, haan teri awazein basi par tera ehsaas nahi, ger dekhay tu ger sooche, aye mere Hum Nasheen”. Another amazing number from the album with a very fine composition. The acoustic and electric lines of this song are mixed extremely well.

The third track is “Shab dhallay”. Believe me, I have no words to express the feeling what this track brought in me when I heard it. Yasir Jaswal totally rocked it with his vocals and the lyrics for the song were truly awesome. This track is about a guy who has lost his love. Now he expresses how his life is without her and he believes death is the only solution for his relieve. Seriously this track is a must listen, infact a must must listen. If promoted effectively & efficiently Irtaash can gain massive fan following due to this track because it is a great melodious Ballad, I personally rate this song 10 out of 10.

Now track 4, this is where the tempo changes and things get heavy. Track 4 is the track which made Irtaash what Irtaash is today, yes you are absolutely right; I am talking about “Kaali Raatein”. I guess there is no need to talk about it. The re-recorded version is quite similar to the video version of Kaali Raatein. Oh yeah now time for track number 5. Track 5 of the album is “Musafir”. This track really rocked me up especially the starting guitar riffs. The new composition is definitely more exciting than the previous one. “Yeh kaisa jhonka aaya, sb diye bujh gaye”. While hearing this song , I was so glad that there was a replay button in my car’s music player because Musafir made my drive damn awesome. When I checked out the name of track 6, it excited me. I didn’t wanted to change the song but the name urged me a lot to change it. Track 6 is named “Irtaash” by the band probably show causing their reflections in the song. This song is heavy, probably the heaviest number of the album with heavy guitar riffs and appealing lyrics. Yasir Jaswal proved how diversified his vocals are. I simply loved the guitar riffs and the guitar solo as well. This track will definitely bring out the rock demon out of you. Below have a listen to Irtaash’s self titled track Irtaash.

OMG!!! Track 7 is a beauty. Track 7 is named as “Zeher.” A soft rock song mainly focusing on the line -“Duur thay, Duur rahay.” It is another master piece by Irtaash. To be honest, this song is the most closest to me in the album and probably my love story too. “Kia socha tha aur kia huwa? Chahya tha kia aur kia mila? Paaya na kuch aur sabhi kho dia, duur tha mein duur hee raha, kia huwa ager tere bina hum kuch bhi naa rahe.” Truly epic to say the least.

Track 8 is Tu Naheen and probably the most famous successful number of Irtaash so far. It is another song which needs no introduction. This song was the No. 1 Song on AAG 10 (Aag TV) for 8 weeks straight and was also on the chart in various other music channels. Next track is different , named as Lori, it’s a keyboard number again showing the variety in vocal skills of Yasir Jaswal. Another heart breaking ballad. The next track or track 10 is Khauf. This track has been re-recorded with little change of arrangements and a better production. I totally loved this song from 02:31 minutes onwards. The track 11 or the last track of album is “Nakhray”. The album ends with a Punk song by Irtaash about girlfriends I guess. A very nice number though.

Kaala Safaid Aasman is sponsored by Zong (m9) and Play Tv and distributed by Sadaf Stereo. The album is based on the concept of people whom hearts are broken one way or the other. Most of the songs are based on a heartbroken, disappointed guy talking about the way he loves, the feelings inside him for his loved one, the life after and the betrayal of his love. To be honest, I found the song “Nakhray” quite out of concept as compared to that of the album; even though it’s a very good song. The album is very well produced by Sarmad Ghafoor. Kaala Safaid Aasman is very strong when it comes to vocals and lyrics and has very good rock music compositions.

I have no idea what is keeping the next video launch to be delayed but the way I saw its billboards in Karachi, I believe that the sponsors have got a special plan for it.

A Must listen album. I would rate this album a 8 out of 10. Please do buy the album; It’s a very rare thing to see a rock based genre album being launched in Pakistan.

Therefore Stop Piracy & Support Irtaash. They have taken a bold step forward by launching a rock album.

PMR wishes good luck to Irtaash, Keep up the great work guys!! 🙂

Written By : Arsal A. Jafri
Edit By : Adil Ahmed Taj

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