Irtaash The Band to Release Their Debut Album in May with the name “Kala Safaid Aasmaan”..
Finally one of the most promising rock band, Irtaash has announced that they will be releasing their debut album “Kala Safaid Aasmaan” in May 2011. Exact dates shall be confirmed soon..

It is learnt that Irtaash which formed back in 2001 is back with its original line up , Yasir, Umer,Talha, Ali and Farooq (Refer to Music Video of Kali Raatien). The album which has been
produced by Sarmad Ghafoor consists of 11 tracks. Over the years Irtaash has released numerous chart topping singles and music videos. For more details and updates stay tuned to
Irtaash’s official facebook pressence (

Irtaash`s Videos

Tu Nahien

Hum Nasheen

Kali Raatien

There latest single Shab Dhalay is already a sucess amongst the masses

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