I guess mostly all of us are quite aware of the conditions of Pakistani Music Industry these days. Musicians and Music related television and radio channels are going through extremely crisis period.

I left PMR a year ago to totally concentrate my mind towards my studies. At that time, the PMR fan page had 30000 members approximately. There were regular single releases, news and updates, gossips etc. Talents like Qayaas, Kaffas, I.C.U, Yasin Farooqi, Nurve, Zeeshan Hayat , Hazel, Pukaar, Uzair Jaswal etc were emerging on the scene. The label industry was totally dominated by Fire and The Muzik Records. Even at that time music industry was facing recession too. Artists used to struggle in giving date for a release of their albums. But they all were positive, positive that a good time will come soon and that positivity was in me too when I left PMR.

I made a return recently to PMR and I got totally shocked with the way things are going currently. Sohaib Shah – the administrator of our beloved site PMR told me that music scene is almost dead and to make things worse, our fanpage got deleted too due to some unknown unclear reasons. This is like a disaster, a total shocker for all of us. Fan pages are like all our hard work at one place which every single member of PMR team did since the creation of website and unfortunately it went completely into waste due to deletion of our fan page containing thousands and thousands of fans, videos, links and pictures.

Unfortunately, music scene in Pakistan is slumped. Some of the bands/artists has given up and walked out dishearten from the industry while some are still waiting for the right time for the release of their creations. Talents like Irtaash and Qayaas albums seen to have gone totally wasted by the lack of support from various Tv and radio channels. New talents just not prefer to do music now as it seems worth waste of time when their talents are not appreciated and are not profitable for them.

But even in such these conditions, PMR team hopeful, we are hopeful that with the passage of time and with your support we can achieve the growth back in the industry. Our fan page got deleted but we are not going to lose hope, we will not quit , we will get our family back , we will get our pride back , we will again become the number 1 promotion platform for the emerging talents of Pakistan. Together we can again dominate; together we can again bring back the Pakistani Music back to top. Guys it’s time to reign again!



Written By:
Arsal A. Jafri

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