Bol – Premier Show Held in Atrium Digital Cinema Karachi (Read Small Movie Review)

Cast: Humaima Malick, Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, Iman Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaid Rahman, Amir Kashmiri and Kid Sagar.
Music Signature: Shoaib Mansoor, Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiyani, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Sajjad Ali, Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Javed, Faiza Mujahid, Shuja Haider, Sarmaad Ghafoor, Baqir Abbas, Shiraz Uppal, Ali Moen and Imran Raza.
DOP: Salman Razzaq Khan
Director & Producer: Shoaib Mansoor
Ratings: ****

Movie / Event – Review:
So finally the premiere show of Shoaib Mansoor second venture “Bol” was screening in Atrium digital cinema Karachi on 19th June 2011, as you know this is second movie of Shoaib Mansoor after super hit “Khuda kay liye “, In Pakistan cinema is in struggling state and we are not seeing so much production, this Movie provide some glucose to cinema. The Bol depicts the system of our society; Humaima Malik played the leading role whose struggling for the survival of his existence. Manzar Sehbai played the role of father of seven daughters and one son. He acted well. Mahira Khan is the second lady of this movie. Role of Atif Aslam is very short and an average. Shafqat Cheema is very impressive character and he is improving day by day. Iman Ali third lady a very different and short role, but impressive. The major portion of the movie is captured in old Lahore, nice art work and nice composition, specially Dil Pareshaan Hai (Sajjad Ali),Ajj Bol do ( Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiyani) and Hona tha pyaar (Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiyani ). The overall Bol is very impressive and good art work of shoaib mansoor.

So Manny people from Media Industry and Advertising industry were witnessed this premiere, the whole set up was fine, overall nice day and glad to say Yes YE HAMARI MOVIE HAI.


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