Yesterday the Bol was officially released in cinemas across the Pakistan and India. Bol is one of the rare movies of Pakistan which was highly promoted by the media also the rare creation of Shoaib Mansoor masterpiece artwork so this makes it totally a must watch movie.

The sight yesterday in cinema’s across nationwide was fascinating. Mostly all cinemas were house packed especially of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and respectable families came to watch the movie on the first day of its release.

Let’s talk about the movie now. Just a quick remainder of the movie that Bol is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and features Humaima Malick, Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, Eman Ali and many more.

The story revolves around Zainab played by Humaima Malick. Humaima’s father on urge for a boy gives birth to 9 children. He had 8 daughters and hoped for a son but his hopes were shattered with the arrival of eunuch child named as Saifo. The father used to consider Saif Ullah nicknamed as Saifo a disgrace and used to hide him from the society. One day the sisters of Saifo secretly planned to send their brother to the outside world in order to seek work, knowledge and some money for the living. He/she was very good in art and paintings and so with the help of their neighbour Atif Aslam they send him/her out for work.

Unfortunately, once during work Saifo got raped and assaulted by a Pathan.To avoid further disgrace his/her father kills him. His death results in police investigation and further complications for the father. In order to avoid the police case , the father uses the entrusted mosque reserves to bribe the local police man. After the being alleged free of the crime he was asked to account for the reserves. To avoid embarrassment father goes to Shafqat Cheema and makes a deal with him that he would give birth to a girl and so in return he would get the money. The father clears all the debts and expected that instead of a girl a boy would be born instead. Eman Ali who acts as a prostitute married the father and continued to have sexual relations with him. Meanwhile the father was facing issues with his daughters as one of the daughter of him Mahira Khan felt in love with Atif Aslam and when Atif Aslam asked the hand of Mahira for marriage, it was rejected on religious background by father. Then the couple secretly married each other with the help of other house members.

Later Eman Ali gives birth to a baby girl so then father starts feeling bad to leave the girl in such an environment where she would be used for pleasure only so he tries to run away with the child but unfortunately fails. Eventually Eman Ali secretly escapes and gives the baby girl to the father at his home and so with the birth of a girl, the family gets to know about the father’s secret as well. When Shafqat Cheema arrives to repossess the girl the father tries to kill the girl and so in order to save the baby girl, Humaima Malick kills her own father. This killing brings Humaima Malick being hanged to death. A famous journalist tries to save Humaima by requesting the bureaucrats to call the president to delay the punishment and think about it again but bureaucrats ignored the journalist call which unfortunately results in Humaima Malick death due to being hanged!

The movie deserves to be rated 8 out of 10. The movie was a debut for Humaima Malick, Atif aslam and Mahira Khan and they all acted and perfomed really well. Amazing acting skills were shown by everyone especially Humaima Malick, her father and Shafqat Cheema.

Bol is a very bold movie and unfortunately, this is a reality based concept. It features the ignorance within us, the rapid growth of population, the selfishness even within the so called pure people of the society, Bol highlights the sexual discrimination in our society, Bol reflects the problems faced by women on daily basis. It address Shoaib Mansoor’s favorite topic – religious extremism. In the end, Humaima Malick leaves the whole nation with the question to think about that “If you can’t feed your children the why do you give birth to them?”

Bol is a must watch movie. PMR highly recommends you to watch and support the movie. Believe Me, It will not be the waste of time and money watching the movie at the cinema. A request to you all to not to compare the movie with Khuda Kay Liye, every movie should be different with different storyline.

Stay connected with us. PMR will keep on updating you about Bol.
Think About It. Kaho Aaj Bol Do.

Written By: Arsal A. Jafri

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