Khawar Jawad – Heal The World (Teaser) – ATribute To The King Of Pop Micheal Jackson

Khawar Jawad, the singer , the musician and the music producer, the ‘Bandya’ guy, who made a mark on the music world after singing on the ‘Khuda Kay Liye; Movie Soundtracks.

Khawar Jawad is easily one of the most promising singers on the block and with a 2nd album in the making, it seems Khawar is set to conquer.

The last time we heard about Bulleh Shah was when Rabbi Shergill adapted his poetry in the popular fusion Bulla Ki Jaana And now Khawar Jawad adapts another piece of writing of this Sufi Punjabi poet from Pakistan to compose an enticing number Bandya .Ably supported by the vocals of Farah Zala, the Sufi number is infused with lively guitaring and drumming to give it a rock feel. The pure Punjabi lyrics by Bulleh Shah are instilled with some English lines though not in the usual rap format.

Khawar Jawad has stolen the hearts of millions.With such confidence and Strong Will power,Khawar Jawad will Indeed Acheive All his Goals Soon.

worked with director Shoaib Mansoor in his film KHUDA KAY LIYE and produced Three songs of that movie including “BANDEYA HOO”, “ALLAH HOO” and 3rd one is “MAHI WAY”

“Bandya Hoo ” was highly regarded and appreciated in india and all over the world…
and than remix was done by SONY BMG INDIA ….
than hit another one as MAULA….

His new album was launched by Fire Records by the title of “MAULA ”

Available in Market….

another projects with shoiab mansoor were “ishq supreme anarkali ” and ” ishq nachaya kar thayya thayya ” music by khawar jawad and directed by shoiab mansoor……
recently khawar jawad has featured Quratulain baloch baloch (QB ) in his song peera ….it was sufi trance….
and now a days khawar jawad is working on a tribute video given to RIP Micheal Jackson…..whose video would b coming soonand its shoot has been done ….the song is “heal the world “…… though no one can ever fill his shoes…a small gesture of love to RIP micheal jackson….

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