Schaz on her recent single ‘Naya Pyaar’ (Interview)

Schaz is a local rock artist. Her music is western with very strong and meaningful lyrics. Tracy Chapman is one of her inspirations. Schaz released her single on FM stations first and got a great response. Jalan became a super hit on the FM stations and then we saw the video of Jalan that proved that Schaz is not just a singer but a great promoter of art. Schaz got attention with her distinct western looks and the appearance in the video of the supermodel Iraj Manzoor. Schaz Khan is now back with her new single and video titled Naya Pyaar. Here, she reveals her renewed self and what she expects this time round

Q. What’s Naya Pyaar all about?
A. Naya Pyaar is all about new love. When we talk about love, tears and heartache come attached. On the other hand, love is all about smiles and peace. My new song naya pyaar is a satire on how we move on leaving the world far behind. How we close all the windows that remind us of tears. I would call it modern Shakespearean comedy. We do get sick of love as well and get charmed by its strangeness. This song is all about those hidden desires and temptations that we want to resist and also give in to. It’s a serious fact of life that I have portrayed in a very light manner. Those who have brains will understand the seriousness of it and the dumb blonds will for sure only laugh!

Q. What is the theme of the song?
A. To put it simply, it’s a song video in a reality show sort of a thing that no one has done before. It’s different in every way. You actually have to make a little effort to understand it. People never expected that I would ever come up with a song like this. I’ve always made lovelorn songs and videos. It was high time to give my listeners a different menu. I am enjoying the shock value of the video!

Q. Who conceptualised Naya Pyaar?
A. It’s a team effort by a group of friends called the “Royal Widow”. The members are here and in UK. I would never take full credit. We wanted to give a good reason to people to laugh and feel good; talk to their friends about the video! Let it be good or bad. We took a chance of showing a drake queen talking about the bitter realities of our fashion and music world and how interrelated these fields are; the attitudes of our models and professional jealousies. Having all this in mind and my personal experience helped us conceive this concept. And we really enjoyed it!

Q. How much of the input was yours during the making of the video?
A. Well, my input has been there throughout. But I would like to mention Amna who is going to be a very good director one day. Her vision is very precise and she is very professional. I have counted on her so many times and she never let me down once. I am proud of her talent and we really had fun while shooting because we are very close friends, and the whole thing seems like a daily routine.

Q. What kind of a response have you been getting for NP so far, considering your last song turned out to be quite controversial?

A. Thank God that for the first time in my life there were no controversies attached to this video. People are actually enjoying it! Girls are loving me for the song and boys are hating me for making girls see how they can move on. The reviews have been great so far. TV channels are calling me. Friends love me! Exes hate me. And I have been gaining a lot of energy during this process of love and hate!

Q. What’s next on the agenda?
A. I’m working on a second album! I love making music. It’s something that keeps me going on! Music is my first and last love! I’m planning the next video with Rabia Butt who has an excellent taste in poetry. She is a gorgeous woman with a heart of gold. She inspires me and we write songs. I will soon disclose the name of the song and as always, the song will be loved!

Q. How do you get time to be a singer along with your corporate work?
A. Music is my passion. It’s like you asking me how do I work and eat? Music is food for my soul! I have to make songs and sing to be able to actually breathe! Days are to work and at night, I make music! I don’t like to socialize just for the heck of it. Don’t take me wrong! But I only go to events that interest me. I love to go for a live gig, a book launch; I have a lot of friends in the fashion industry so I am expected there and I love their company. They love my music! It’s not difficult to take out the time once you get your priorities straight.

Q. How do you strike a balance between personal and professional life?
A. I am happy with what I do. I am blessed by Allah with the power to touch other people’s hearts with my songs and I am happy that with my new song I gave people a reason to laugh! I feel that with time my music is passing through a prism and different rays are coming out of it. It’s a good feeling when your personality transforms. I feel my music is also transforming along with my personality. I have surprised myself and the world and I’m sure that in the future there are bigger surprises waiting.

Source: Click Her

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