Jonathan Jones, A well reknowned producer from the industry claimed to be cheated

Jonathan Jones claim:
“This is a messege to all faithful listeners of Pakistan music industry , Adnan Zafar Former Band Member of the Band A2, Turned Solo, Produced Songs from Jonathan Jones, A well reknowned producer from the industry was cheated by Adnan Zafar ….as he did not pay for the Productions and Flew his way out…

Adnan Zafar is a Fake ! and a Disgrace to the Music Industry of Pakistan…We will Advice you all to be very cautious (Especially Producers), and to not support the Artist in his unjust Acts

Kindly report this fan page and become a part of the cleaner Music industry, as we strive to maintain dicipline and a fair play for all Talented individuals ”

We the team at PMR is in full support of our hard working talented Producers who spend thier quality time and efforts on making songs for artists…

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  1. Being a good buddy of Adnan Zafar…all issue is known to me….a person “Jonathan Jones” who is declaring Adnan Zafar a cheater…. He himself cheated Adnan Zafar by steeling his 2 songs AIK DIN and KYUN..and asked OMER BARI and AHSON HAQQANI ( both solo’s ) to sing a song ,,, Jonathan on the other hand to rescue himself … declared KYUN the band…. Which is actually not a band…it’s propaganda against ADNAN ZAFAR… a song AIK DIN is totally a property of Adnan Zafar, which is also registered by a court and the resident of Islamabad and Rawalpindi knows it very well….Any query against Adnan Zafar …is totally fake… and according to rules and regulations , its not Adnan’s fault …if Jonathan Jones don’t know how to do a business, it just shows lack of professionalism….who couldn’t handle the customer and now promoting extremism against ADNAN….


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