Artist: Adnan Zafar
Song: Aik Din

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  1. This song AIk DIn by Adnan Zafar is produced by Jonathan Jones and Artisit Adnan Zafar has cheated on the producer by not paying him for this song as he broke up with the Band A2 – Aik Din you can see in the related posts aswell on this page and the producer is mentioned there also. Adnan Zafar after breaking up with the band made a deal with the producer that he will pay the producer for re recording his voice for the whole song but as soon as he got the final mix the producer being a patient person didnot ask for the money right away from the adnan zafar but adnan zafar took advantage of it and stopped recieving the calls from the producer and disappeared and the producer came to know from somewhere that adnan zafar is recording his new song from somewhere else… And people who think adnan zafar has done a great job in this song the producer has all the evidences so feel free to stop by at the studio and listen to the recording sessions of aik din you will come to know how much a singer adnan zafar is …………

  2. Being a good buddy of Adnan Zafar…all issue is known to me….a person “Jonathan Jones” who is declaring Adnan Zafar a cheater…. He himself cheated Adnan Zafar by steeling his 2 songs AIK DIN and KYUN..and asked OMER BARI and AHSON HAQQANI ( both solo’s ) to sing a song ,,, Jonathan on the other hand to rescue himself … declared KYUN the band…. Which is actually not a band…it’s propaganda against ADNAN ZAFAR… a song AIK DIN is totally a property of Adnan Zafar, which is also registered by a court and the resident of Islamabad and Rawalpindi knows it very well….Any query against Adnan Zafar …is totally fake… and according to rules and regulations , its not Adnan’s fault …if Jonathan Jones don’t know how to do a business, it just shows lack of professionalism….who couldn’t handle the customer and now promoting extremism against ADNAN….

  3. Well said Uzair theres no more arguments on this topic if u get a chance on checking out PMR fanpage on Facebook check my comment there that MAI NAY AIK DIN KI PRODUCTION ADNAN KO SADKAY MAI DAY DI HAI what ever the hell you and ADNAN ZAFAR clan wants to say about me feel free to say he himself is a coward who is not commenting himself on the things said about him he feels guilty or something well no one cares now the main thing is feel free to release all his songs any where you want AIK DIN KI PRODUCTION ADNAN ZAFAR KO SADKAY MAI DAY DI HAI, HE NEEDED THAT as it is been said HELP THE NEEDY !!!!!


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