With the rapidly increasing globalization and with the

With the rapidly increasing globalization and with the active use of internet almost all is accessible online. With the trend of transmiting singing on youtube and other popular websites singingians have gained a lot of acknowledgment world open.

There used to be a time when local pakistani singing trade was ranked among the best singing trade in the entire world. The singing was model and so charming that pakistani viewers were not curious in obeying to other singing and the case was that a lot of global fans were crazy for pakistani artists.

But during the last four years pakistani singing trade is striving a lot. New artists are not coming as they used to come before and the bing super stars are waiting and hoping that the circumstances in pakistan get stable and better quickly.

Currently the artists are trapped by the monopoly of one singing record label that is really very biased and is looking only to make a large amount of money instead of believing about the singing trade of pakistan.

Now with the lack of proper singing freedom in pakistan pakistani viewers are looking forward in hearing some other origin singing.

During the last few years english singing has entrap a large amount of market share in pakistan. With the huge gain in english singing trade during the last two years now pakistani media have started to show english singing video’s usually.

The two popular fm radio appoint radio one fm 91 and city fm 89 have really pulled pakistani listeners towards western singing.

Famous english artists like beyonce, rihana, akcent, metallica, medonna, linkin park, justin bieber, taylor swift, jordan sparks, akon, chris brown, owl city, shakira, enrique and many more have gained a lot of acknowledgment among pakistani people during last year and a large fan base has been created for these famous english singingians. .

The new trend of singing songs in a way that each word within the lyrics of the song is intelligible easily has worked for english artists and now they are arriving among the bulk.

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