Ali Haider launches fashion outlet Qarar

The overnight transformation of Ali Haider, once acclaimed pop icon of the country, was really news . He switched to singing devotional hymns from pop and released two reverential albums for the lov e of god. And now he is back in the news again.

Ali Haider has now ventured into the fashion world. Qarar, named after the former pop singer’s album title, has two outlets: one in Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road and the other in Saima Mall, Dalmia.

When one looks at the exterior of the boutique, one witnesses a massive picture of Ali Haider, dressed casually in a kurta with a welcoming trademark smile (for which he has been known and cherished amongst his female fans over the years). The outlet has been designed by architect Shakeel Haider. The colour scheme of the shop is black, gold and off-white. The ambience is soothing, stylish and captivating giving somewhat an Italian architectural look.

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