PMR Interview: Nouman Javaid

PMR: How did your music career start?
It started about ten years ago; when everything else I knew ended. I tried my level best to do something else but this is what God intended for me .

PMR: Tell us about your move and what did you expect out of it?
Jashnn was my debut and having it was a blast because mashALLAH the songs that I sang for this movie were instant hit. So, I got what I expected. I think that I was and am blessed by Allah.

PMR: When will your album be launched in the market?
It will be released within two to three months. I know it has been very long but as we all know about the current situation of Pakistan, I did not find the right time to release it.

PMR: What are your upcoming projects?
The project that I love the most is my song ‘Sarah’. I wrote and composed this song for my girl Sarah whom I love like no one else. I also acted in a drama called ‘Kaisay Kahoon’. It will be my debut as an actor. But I had a bad experience with the production company Bullseye360. They cheated me and did not pay me the amount that they promised to. I sang a song called ‘tere bina’ for another drama serial called ‘Madhosh’. I’m also thinking of starting my own production.

PMR: What is it that you enjoy doing the most?
I love singing, performing on stage and I’m crazy about acting.

PMR: How much struggle did it involve to reach this stage of career?
I can’t tell exactly how much struggle did it involve, but I was rewarded for my hard work. I have seen many other people who went through more than I did. I had nothing when I started and I’m grateful to Allah for everything I have in my life.

PMR: Tell us something about your family?
My family is pretty much like every other family. There is nothing special about then but yet they are most special to me. But I do want to mention about my brother, he is insane. 

PMR: What is your favorite color and food?
I don’t have a favorite color. My favorite food is daal chawal, chinese, pizza and steaks.

PMR: What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?
I call my love Sarah, that is the first and last thing of the day that I do.

PMR: You don’t leave home without?
Attitude. 🙂 Naah, kidding. My phone, wallet, guitar and clothes. Otherwise people might throw rocks at me.

PMR: What is it that makes you angry?

PMR: Do you like travelling? And why?
No, not really. I like to work and I have to travel a lot for that. I like it as long as I have the people I love with me. Paris and Switzerland are like my home because they make everything special. It is not about how many places you go to but whom you go with. If I’m with my girl Sarah, everything seems to be amazing but without her, even Burj ul Arab seems like just a hotel with four high walls and a roof.

PMR: Craziest thing that a fan did for or with you?
The craziest things that some of the fans did were that once a girl came to me and asked to marry her right there and a girl sent me a message on Facebook saying that she wants to have my baby. These things were so weird and I did not know how to respond so I just ignored that. But, the best thing that a fan did for me was that a guy came up to me at Karachi airport and said that he loves my singing and he is a great fan of mine. He had no money but yet he offered me to have something. I said no and then he ran to a shop at airport and came back with a friendship band and said that this is all he could afford. It was only worth Rs. 20. He gave it to me and I told him that I’ll never take it off and I still have it on my wrist.

PMR: Tell us about the funniest incident of your life?
The funniest, well, there are many funny thing that I did as well as happened to me. I don’t know where to begin from. Well, there was a time when I was known as a very good dancer. I was at a friend’s wedding. I was dancing and my pants got ripped from the back and nobody saw that except the bride. She started to laugh and my friend, the groom, asked her about why is she laughing but she couldn’t tell him. But I never gave up. I changed my pants, went back and did my part. Hehe, that was really funny. There are a few things that I can’t tell because the people I did those things with will kill me after reading it.

PMR: Who is your favorite singer these days?
Oh well, there are way too many.

PMR: Which is your favorite place and why?
My room, my house and Dubai. Because my loved ones live there.

PMR: What do think about PMR and how would you rate it?
People like you and websites like PMR help artists than any other media does. Sometimes the media takes the artists for granted but you guys promote them just the way they should be. You don’t see cast, creed, color, nation, culture or country. You promote talent just because it’s a new talent and needs support. So, hats off to you.

Interview by Abdul Aleem
Edited by Sadaf Nazir

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