Artist: Kamijee
Song:Tum Ho Khafa
Album: Jeevan
Label: EMI Pakistan

Kamijee is a name that brings all the senses into work when one listens to his music. His music is as diverse as his audience, which is for a macrocosm. Kamijee is not only a seasoned music composer/arranger, but also a remarkable photographer, director and an editor. When all these skill sets are combined, what is produced is an organic global sound, which is the sound from the heart, for the hearts! Kamijee’s work is synonymous with multiple names, such as Shoaib Mansoor, Junaid Jamshed (Us rah par & Dil ki baat) and Aaroh. His accomplishments and achievements have made major contributions in the fields of pop, rock and film music (Rakht & Khuda Kay Liye). With an extensive experience of over 18 years, Kamijee has produced a number of hit albums and songs in South East Asia. After spending a valuable time in North America for the past 6 years, composing and recording, Kamijee returns to mesmerize his fans once again, this time with his most anticipated solo album, “Jeevan”.

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PMR Exclusive Interview : Kamijee On his Debut Album ‘Jeevan’ Launch!

PMR.What is your date of birth and birth place?
21 May, Karachi

PMR.What is your qualification?

PMR.How were you introduced to the music field? Was music your hobby or a passion?
I came Pakistan in 1994 and start working with Nadeem Jaffri ..thats how I introduced in the industry and music is still my passion.

PMR.How long you have been in this field?
Its been 18 Years now.

PMR.Now that you are a solo artist and have settled down in Chicago, what difference do you see between shooting and recording of videos and audios respectively
Its more  professinal now..I have very talented team working with me.

PMR.How tough has been your task of music after leaving ‘Aaroh’?
Not at all …well I was working as Composer and Producer way before Aaroh formed..I think they faced tough time after Nabeel and I left the Band.

PMR.‘Jeevan’ has been an exceptional video with a unique concept, who had proposed this concept?
Well I composed the song so I have the concept in my mind…and I

PMR.Your debut album is too called ‘Jeevan’ and is set to release too, what are your expectations regarding the release?
My expectations are good ..all I know people will enjoyed the album.I got amazing feedback all around the world and I am really thankful to my friends and fans.

PMR.Who has contributed to the lyrics and composition of the album apart from you?
All the songs composed by me and Ovais Suhail ,Shoaib Mansoor,Dilara and Arooj contributed their lyrics.

PMR.When will your next video be aired on television screens?
My 2 videos are already running on the channels and 2 more videos will be coming very soon.

PMR.What are your future projects?
I start working on next album and planning to start telefilm which is going to release next year Inshallah.

PMR.Have you selected the venue/city for the lounge show of ‘Jeevan’?
EMI Pakistan Launched Jeevan album in Karachi on 2nd July 2010.EMI Pakistan will arrange Pakistan tour very soon guys will get updates from my website

PMR.During your career who has been the ultimate source of support?
Allah,my parents and my wife and I am really thankful that I have supportive family.

PMR.What message would you like to give to the upcoming musicians?
Be honest with you and work hard you will make your dreams come true.

PMR.What impact does PMR ( make on you?
I am thankful to PMR you guys doing amazing job ..promoting paki talent all around the world, giving chance to new talent ..Keep Rocking!!!!

Tayyaba Khushi

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