Artist: Uzair Ahmed
Song: O Meri Jana
Produced by Dj Ali Mustafa at Digital Inn Studios

Uzair Ahmed was born on July 9th. He was born in Lahore, a part of Punjab province in Pakistan.

Uzair started his singing career in his early twenties. His Debut song “Kya Ye Pyar Hai” was Produced by ‘Khawar Jawad’, a well renowned Music Dirrector & Singer. His 2nd Track “ Meri Zindagi was produced by ‘Faisal Khan’.

Currently he is working On his new Track ‘O Meri Jana’, from a talented muzik producer Ali Mustafa. Uzair is the latest pop sensation to hit the music circuit.. Keeping in mind the charm of his 2nd single ” O Meri Jana “, he sounds a promising upcoming Pop / Semi-Classical singer. His musical preference is Pop / Semi-classical.
Uzair is planning to take Underground Pop music to an ‘Experimental Level’.

His musical quote is “Singing is by Soul…Create Your Beat and Hit The StreeT”. The combination of his smooth vocal style, catchy pop rhythms and clean-cut, has already got industry insiders touting to be one of the year’s hottest new artistes. He is set to push the boundaries of the Asian music market with his fresh new sound . His passion for muzik is unlimited and he looks for every single opportunity to perform his act. He is not just a singer but also a writer as well as a composer. He believes in originality as according to him thats the only key to successful muzik.
Through his muzik, he is trying his levels to please all age groups, generations and countries. Thanks to all his fans, all around the world, who are showing so much love and support….Peace…

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  1. this is a realy beautifullllllllll track…….which can push paki muzik………………
    i like it mr uzair …………..


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