Artist: Hassan Hayat
Song: Raaton Ki Nindiya

D.O.B: 14th October
Genre: Pop

My singing career started back in 2008. Singing had always been a passion, a dream that eventually came true for me. I wish to indulge people in my realistic songs. It is easy to follow a fairy tale but difficult to tell the reality in the songs, that is my mission; to make everyone feel the most vibrant emotions in a rather simple and soothing way!!

I believe in experimenting, I want everyone to be my critic and help me in making this music better and better. “Raaton Ki Nindiya” is my latest venture, it’s something that is directed to sooth your heart through the SIMPLEST words possible!!!

your comments:


  1. I had been searching for this song for a very long time and couldn’t. I have totally fallen in love with the music. The vocals are really soothing. I would give 10/10 to Audio and 8/10 to video. Great work!!!

  2. voice is not perfect for this kind of song. He need to change his taste. Not so much impressive song.

  3. I love this song!!! The best thing about it is the natural voice. Keep singing such songs!!! It is really smooth. Love the new way of saying I LOVE YOU!!!! Rock on Hassan Hayat Khan!!!!

  4. Completely fallen in love!!! I have this song on repeat!!!! When did it launch??? This is just gr8!!!!!


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