Artist: Freestylers Co
Song: Work That Body

Freestylers Co is a Rap and Hip-hop Crew from Lahore and when it comes to good music they know how to pull it off.Being in the Underground Rap Scene Since the last 3 Years.The group started by Making a small Orkut communities way back in the day and at the time Did TEXT RAP BATTLES and as time passed by they switched from a small time community to Proper Audio Making.Currently there are 3 Group members

1.Syed Hashim Bukhari
2.Mubashir Naeem Butt
3.Mateen Hashmat

This is not just another school band as they plan to take their Genre to the Masses.Apart from Music making Freestylers Co has been Performing LIVE at many schools and Competitions around Lahore and with 25+ Performances in just 15 Months they have made their place.Some of their Performances and Achievements include:-

1.Winning the LUMS Olympiad 2009 Music Band Category and opening for E.P
2.A Rememorable performance at LSE IDOL 1
3.Finalists of Youth Musicians Competition held by DJUICE and Won the Special Consolation Award by Roxen
4.Various performances all around Lahore

So do join their Fanpage and Spread the Word as Rap and Hip-Hop [As they Believe] is the Next Upcoming Thing

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