Soon after Farhan launched his cafe’ rock, Goher Mumtaz from Jal the Band has launched his own recording studio called “GM Studioz”. Goher believes that working for 3 years as music producer has given him enough confidence to start music production at his own studio.

Goher writes

Along with professional ambiance you will experience a luxurious interior which motivates you to give birth to great productions. The state of art sound proof jam room is designed to record professional jam sessions and is also acoustically treated to record live drums and orchestra.

Goher believes it’s his responsibility as a Pakistani musician to push Pakistani music forward to another level.

The studio is equipped with Apple MAC pro 8 core, Apple HD 30 inch monitor, Duet Apogee firewire 400 sound card, Ensemble by Apogee sound card, Yamaha HS80 (powered) monitor, Audio techinca, AKG c1000 , c 3000 (2 mics) , AKG 414 condenser mic, pre amp /compressor : Avalon 737 sp, headphone Pre amp, Microphone booth, Studio Cables : Mogami (worlds no 1 cables studio cable company) and drum recording mic kit.

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  1. wow so coooolllll……..Goher u rock…loads of prayers 4 ur success…..2day 2mrw nd always…=)

  2. Today i Met Mr Atif Zain, He is very simple and very co-operative guy i had ever seen in my Professional life Mr Atif I will never foegrt you, hope you will also not foegrt me.RegardsMaisum Raza

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