Omer Nadeem – The New Raising Talent Of Pakistan, is back with something more big and great, recently Shoaib Mansoor called him for his upcoming movie project ‘Bol’ staring Atif Aslam and Mahira, asked Omer Nadeem to compose something for his movie, Omer Nadeem the mind blowing singer, did it with Atif Aslam, to whom he met after 6 years, so Omer Nadeem shared his experience Exclusively with PMR

Omer Nadeem says:
Yes..!!Shoaib Mansoor approached me and asked weather I can compose for his film I said yes I can compose for him then he called me to his office next morning I was very much excited.After fewdays I went to his studio where Atif aslam was also present then Aatif and I composed a song which Shoaib Mansoor liked very much.It was great pleasure to work with Atif after almost 6 year gap we had great chemistry at that time and still i felt the same level as far as music is concern,It feel nostalgic “Puraani Yaadein Taaza Hogaye”.Initially Shoaib Mansoor wanted to have couple of my original songs but the circumstances didnt allow me to have this honor.The major reason behind this is that Atif Aslam is acting in the movie so it would look better if he sing those song himself so i didnt want my album to get affected but still we didnt compromise what we composed for the movie.InshaAllah this song will be a big hit

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