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  1. lolx….i have all these….

    The middle one is along with goher….in jal pari site lunch show at TIFFINS lahore 😛

    Looks salman albert on drums 🙂

    wana vdozzzzzzz 😛 😛 😛

  2. nice pics ala hai
    btw i met omer he is down to earth very nice no barham at all never met atif so cant say:D

  3. dude!! last pic mein atif sai charsi lag raha hai ….=P
    i also hate omer nadeem.. cuz of his version of “dil ka diya”

  4. nice pics but atif is luking like a school kid but I beleiv he was in college at that time and even the styling of atif a\has changed a lot as he is most stylish musician now…. amazing

  5. goher n atif both luking dmb but omer is luking nice but no one knows omer but everyone knows whos atif and goher they both have realy worked hard for theiR PASSION FOR MUSIC


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