Artist: Flam
Song: Tuu Haseen


Flam! is a currently underground, urdu rock band, based in Karachi, Pakistan.Coming together as a result of Saad Khaleel(vocals/guitars) and Ali Hasan’s(bass guitar) long standing friendship and common musical tastes and goals; they are currently on the lookout for gigs to play so that they may expand their audience and reach new listeners, alongside recording their first singles which they plan to release in the coming days and months. They’ve played at a large number of events including Karachi’s widely popular Institute of Business Administration Talentopias 2008 and 2009, t2f March 2009 Music Madness Festival, the AuntyDiscoProject ‘Get Your Aunty On’ show at Rangoonwalla Auditorium and most recently at t2f v2.0’s ‘Pehla Open Mic Night’ and many more.

The band’s musical direction stems from their own influences, primarily revolving around, though not limited to, the Alternative Rock scene. This includes bands such as HIM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver and Audioslave among others while local influences include Junoon, Karavan, Noori, Mizraab, the Aunty Disco Project and Jal to name a few.

Tuu Haseen:

This particular song was written by Saad upon the peculiar contradictions involved in love such being close to someone or something yet feeling far apart, being calm yet uneasy at the same time and so on. We wanted to write a fun song with a simple melody and structure and the lyrics and music ended up complementing each other appropriately.


Mohammad Saad Khaleel (lead vocals, guitars)
Ali Hasan Abbasi (bass, backing vocals)

Live lineup includes:

Ali Ahsan (guitars)
Farhad Khalid (drums)
Sohaib Ali Khan (keyboards, synths)

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