Artist: Euphonys
Song: Madhoosh Hoon

After the debut release of ‘Azadi’ by Srinagar Based Band, Euphony. Here comes another song release by The Band to show what they are producing. Azadi had become a bit controversial track because the ownership of it couldn’t be verified so Euphony’s Band is now releasing its Fresh Release to show what they can produce.

Band Members
1.Shaizan Shah.
2.Rahil Saleem.
3.Sameer Bashir.
4.Shoaib Bhat.
5 Uzair Nazir.

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  1. Being The Biggest Pakistani Music Fan from Kashmir…Its Refreshing to someone from my own home.. Guys Please Give On Lyrics More.. Do One Unplugged Version Of Azaadi… Work hard…

  2. why couldn’t the ownership of “Azaadi” be verified , thought it’s an original composition of Euphonys ?? i mean they have beautifully covered it , it could be the main track for their album “azaadi” 🙂

  3. hey tell me one thing from how many years u people r learning .i dont understand one thing with kashmiris abhi basic bhi complete nahi kiya hota hai aur chalai hai band bananai phelai acchi tara seeko ………. studio mai koi untrain bhi mixing kar kai ghana bana sakta haio ………………

  4. No doubt studio mai koi bi mixing karsakta hai !!! Bt let me tell you one thing the lyrics and how this song has got composed tells a Different story mate … At times experience gets ruined by talent !!! so enjoy the song


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