Interview by Sadaf Fayyaz

Tell something about your family and education:

I attended Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai School in 1992 and Government College of Commerce & Economics in 1996. I love spending time with my family; I have one daughter and two sons

How did you get interested in music and what was the first musical instrument you learned to play?

I became interested in music when I was twenty one, and the first instrument I learned to play was a keyboard and synthesizer. It was purely my decision to become a musician, there was no other influence.

What is your inspiration?

I developed an interest in music solely because of Michael Jackson. However, I am also inspired by legends like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, U2, Santana and Millennium.

There is a long gap between your albums “Gardish”, and “Sara Jahan” Why is that?

The reason for that is because all four of us were apart; albums are worked on and made when members sit together. All four of us were passing through different phases of life. Sameer went to Dubai, Alan got divorced, Asad was managing his family business, and I had started my own business.

Tell something about album “Sara Jahan”.

We are already done with it and will be shooting our video with Director Sohail Javed in a day or two. The video is of the track Kese Mumkin Hey, which happens to be my favorite too. There are eleven tracks in all in the album, with three live tracks Rakh Aas, Sajni and Gardish.

Shahi Hasan has done mixing on the album. How was your experience with him?

The mixing part has been done by Shahi. He’s an amazing musician and exceptional engineer. I must say he’s a perfectionist in his work, and truly a brilliant engineer.

What are your favorite bands and musicians?

I like listening to Nazia Hasan, Vital Signs, Alamgir and Awaz. From the new lot, I like listening to Atif Aslam a lot.

Do you like playing live or electronic more?

Live, of course. I enjoy live sessions more because you’re interacting with your audience directly.

What do you think should be the quality of good music?

In terms of rhythm and art, it should come out of a singer’s heart. He should know what he’s singing and how he’s singing. From an engineering point of view, everything has to precise and in its own place. For example, the equipment, instruments, mastering and mixing have to be excellent.

Tell us about your experience of working with Asad Ahmed.

Asad is a neighbor of mine and a very talented and skilled person. The most fantastic thing about him is that he has worked with two top bands of Pakistan: Vital Signs and Awaz. He has also participated in Coke Studio this season. His experience stretches over two decades and that too with renowned artists like Junoon, Najam, Vital Signs, and now Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He has worked with almost every genre of music.

What are your expectations from “Sara Jahan”

I’m not expecting anything from it as such; we know we’ve worked hard to create something soulful for people. Our motto is to work hard and leave the rest to God.

What is the importance of music video’s for you?

Music videos are very important from an album’s promotional point of view. The world is becoming cyber through the internet, and you need to be on YouTube for getting good promotion and feedback. Albums do not work without videos. For instance, when a famous company launches a new product, they also launch an advertising campaign for it to let people know about their product offering. People have to be aware of what you’re doing and where you stand.

Who writes lyrics for you?

Anees Ahmed, Sabir Zafar and Adnan Ahmed did it for us.

Your message for the readers of The Saturday Post:

Keep listening to good music and keep promoting good music!


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