Artist: UREED
Song: Zameer
Lyrics & Composed by: Eddie
Guitars / Bass / Drum Sequencing: Jonathan
Mixed & Mastered by Sam (Akash) And Produced by Eddie & Jonathan

Eddie released his first track called “Chahat” in August 2007. The song came as a surprise to most of the people who just new him as an Event / Band Manager. A year later he started work on his Album with Jonathan (Guitars) and thus U.R.E.E.D was formed. UREED is an Arabic word which means “Desire”.

Now with the album ready and a couple of Music Video on the way, U.R.E.E.D are all set to release there Debut Album Titled “AaenaA”

Small Chit Chat Interview With UREED

Q: Tell Us About your band ‘UREED’ & How you came into Music Industry?
A: Apart from managing various bands and being involved with event management I discovered my interest in making music and love for song writing,I released my first track called “chahat” in August 2007, after which I decided on working on an album, there began my search for a counterpart. Finally I started work on the album in July 2008 with Jonathan. Thus UREED(the band) was born.

Q: Tell Us About Your Debut Song ‘Chahat’ And 2nd Single ‘Zameer’ ?
A: I wrote Chahat when I was going through a time of despair, I guess I needed some self motivation, and there it was composed the song with a long time friend Waqas Naeem made a demo. Sam”Akash” heard and liked the composition, thus I recorded the song. Chahat featured Sam on guitars. The song received decent applause and sufficient downloads to motivate me with my interest in music…..Zameer on the other had is a complete change in mood, its about ones conversation with his self conscience. The song is preety aggressive as far as I can say, ill leave it for everyone else to judge it. ?

Q: Tell us about your debut video and What are your expectations from it?
A: I’ve shot 2 videos so far. I’m not sure which one will be released first as both are on the edit table. One is of Zameer and the other is of a song called hum naheen.

Q: Tell us about your next project and when we can expect your album in market?
A: Well I’m looking forward to release my music videos soon. Expected release for the album would early January 2009.

Q: We have heard that you are not releasing your album under any label, why?
A: Releasing the album through a record label is not entirely off the cards but I’m not willing to wait very long. If so then I’ve planned to release the album independently on my own. I might even just release the album online.

Q: How has Pakistani media changed or improved in your view? What are it’s furthur requirements for a better future and environment?
A: Pakistani media has improved massively over the years. But I think they need to get out of Karachi and focus on Pakistan.

Q: More music channels in the era are increasing the scope of musicians but on the other hand it is making young generation more into music because of this they are loosing their aims to be well-educated person, is it fair to leave education for music?
A: Education is the vital tool for any person in the world. I still wish I could spare time and money for university.

Q:Some of the artists have already chosen that very line! So, a day in life that you are looking to ever since your childhood?
A: Not really , music is passion but I know it can’t feed me so I have a job and operate an event management company. Though ill keep making music till I live.

Q:the music concerts panorama in Pakistan is blackened out, how we can make it bright again?
A: There’s nothing we can do about it, we should remain united that’s all I can say. Until the security issues are resolved once and for all , this industry can’t progress and prosper.

Q:“You can not put your soul into music till you fall and fall apart in love.” What do you think about it? 😛

A: I would agree to the statement to a certain degree.

Q: Your views about internet as a medium for the promotion of music? and the professionalism in it?
A: In a country with not many record labels and no piracy laws the internet stands as an artists best companion

Q:would you like to say something to your co-artists and any message for our upcoming musicians?
A: As an upcoming musician myself there’s not much I can say , I’m allways there to help anyone ,specially the ones I know and its allways great to get some guidance and help myself.

Q:few words about ‘Pak Media Revolution’ and for its team please? 🙂

A: PMR is the premier online source for Pakistani media. Its been there for ages and hats of the all the team specially Murtaza Niaz for paving the path for PMR.

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  1. I think U.R.E.E.D is the most amazing concept of a name for a band. I don’t know how he came up with it? I would be grateful if the story behind this revelation could be told to us fans. The song zameer is amazing. The ‘Growls’ at the end ‘nai scene on kar diya hai’. i am blown away and shall never listen to music again. While listening to this song, i felt a hint of irtaash/qayaas vocals and i thought it was executed brilliantly. The lyrics…amazing. It was wonderful the way some words were fit into the melody for example the word ‘sataa-nay la-gi’ ‘ehsas’ ‘aathma’ ‘zameer’ etc. The solo was so inspiring that i think i’m going to have to move from gohar to this guy now. wow. I’m listening to the song while i type this and its ending right now, and the growls are just too much.

    At the end i would like to say ‘pal pal jeeya mein, pal pal marta raha aaaa..’

  2. Good composition, ive been waiting for a come back song from eddie, some details about his other band members. Anyhow great song, love the solo and way the final chorus is screamed. No better way for the song to end. Good luck U.R.E.E.D

  3. Because of these artists ROCK is still alive in Pakistan….Great going UREED, the song is great, looking forward to more stuff from you guys soon….Good luck

  4. wat a bunch of wanKaz.. fact is.. even thou they’ll scratch their azz on da floor to get to Iratash or junoon.. still they aint gonna get there.. n i cant understand who r da goth heads who like these wanna be metallica or marilyn manson.. lolz cumon we aint gothic or metal heads!!
    i still have no clue wat was da reason for this song.. if he is so much distressed he shud follow religion n start believing in GOD for once..


  5. @ Above , so you dont like there music because the song is a bit heavy or you dont like em due to personal issues One can see the effort put into it. We all have our likes and dislikes, if you dislike something you should have some reason for it, If you dont you should keep your views to yourself. Im sure you dont even know the real meaning of the word GOTH.

    As far as my views go, i liked the song, the vocals are great, the drums could have been better . But overall not a bad song at all. Good Luck and Work Hard


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