Artist: Jehangir Aziz
SOng: Show Me Something Real


Jehangir Aziz was born in Peshwar, Pakistan on June 5th 1989. He had an interest in music since he was a child and learned how to play the guitar at 12. He’s won many online competitions and challenges himself at any point given, All that paid off when his video for ‘Never Change’ came out. It was nominated for best video on Indus Music all that at 16. Some of his side projects include “Serving Servants”, “Graveyard Shift” and “The Judas and Fisherman Project”. He’s one of the few most talented youths to emerge from Pakistan.

LYRICS – Show Me Something Real

Verse #1:

Cannot take a step,
I am a wreck,
Something is wrong,
It’s been too long.
I cannot breathe,
I cannot feel,
Is this called life?
Is this whatโ€™s real?

Pre Chorus:

What do you want?
Leave me alone


Show me something real,
Something I can feel,
I’ll fight and break away,
From these shades of gray

Verse #2:

Everything can’t be,
Like you want it to be,
So thatโ€™s the reason,
Why we disagree,
I can’t stand still
Can’t breathe at all,
I’ll crawl until,
I hit the wall,

Pre Chorus


I’ll break away from these shades of gray.

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