Artist: Pulse The Band
Song: Talaash

-PULSE- Is a Rock band and is Rockin the crowd from past 3 years.
Due to uncertain circumstances, PULSE disappeared from the Music industry.

Band Line-up :-
BILAL (Vocalist)
UZAIR (Bass-Guitarist)
ABDULLAH (Drummer)
DANYAL (Rhythm & Lead-Guitarist)

Composed by: Bilal
Lyrics by: Bilal and Danyal

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  1. This is a software product
    the drums are not in sequence in a constant ppl need help with production and professional mixer.

  2. Boys this is something good but only in terms of Vocals.The thing is that i agree with Usman.Pakistani Bands specially the Underground ones.Should Particularly care about such Mistakes.The Drum thing killed the Whole Track.I saw these guys recently at ACMUN.I became a Fan Instantly because they have the most UN-WANNAB-ISH live performances at least When it comes to Pakistani Rock/Pop.

    Anyhow you guys should work more on The Production and Mixing.

  3. really nice seriously very nice composition … im pretty sure this is just a demo version so im not going to criticize anything… to me 10/10

  4. great song!!
    i luved your first single.. in which Saad Ahmed was the vocalist.
    He has one hell of an amazing voice! 🙂


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