Artist: Wajood
Song: Aisi Lagi

Waqas (vocalist)
Faraz (lead guitarist)
Ahmed (drummer)
Waqar (basist)

Jawad Kureishi (Band Manager)

Wajood Band’s first music video “Aisee Lagee” featuring Jaydee, Sofia Ali and Faysal Qureshi. The video shoot was done in Islamabad.

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  1. I like their songs…I have met Jawad Kureshi personally many time..he has a good sense of musik and I anticipate alot from this band with their new songs coming out.

  2. I’ve heard Wajoods music & can safely say that this band is DEFINITELY going places!!

    Jawad deserves special recognition for the pungent lyrics & amazing marketing of the band!!

    Here’s Wishing Wajood all the best for the future!!
    ROCK ON GUYZ !!!

  3. I admire the work by this young group. Their song was perfectly in place for my real life love story and honestly, I wrote their lyrics to make me girl friend realize how much I love her.
    Music and lyrics are better than many senior bands! Amazing!!!



  4. I was lucky to see their new video “Gaye ho tum”. Outstanding music with high class lyrics. I am in love with gaye ho tum and the guitarist is gawjus.
    Keep the great work going guys!
    Hugs to Wajood!

  5. Wajood is now my partner in kitchen. Whenever I am cooking something I am humming their song “gaye ho tum” and it touches my heart so much that i cannot explain.
    I wonder who writes for them so deep poetry. Thumbs up Wajood!
    WE LOvE You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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