Artist: Cold Bullet
Song: Roshni
Written, Sung & Composed by: Ali Tabish

Manager: Sohaib Shah – 0322.6170707

Special thanks to: Furqan Ur Rehman, Bilal Muneer, Tanzeel Ur Rehman, Akash (Sam), Sana, Saba, Sohaib & Umar!

your comments:


  1. nice track.vocals suck,why a flat tone???..he should have tried high pitch and it might have worked.lyrics need a lot of working too.solo was just okay.
    but its way better den darwaza!!!!!.way better if u compare with it.

  2. better dan darwaza crap….
    lyrics are strong nd music sounds diff unlike typical songs of under gorund music

  3. abdullah bro, thanks for the comments!
    i did try to go high pitch but it didn’t suite the track!
    the lyrics needed a feel to it! which wasn’t coming out in the high pitch scheme!
    anyways thankyou everybody for you generousness 🙂

  4. i love everything about da song, Ali’s voice has done justice to da lyrics, i do hope itz a hit!!! all the best guys!!!!

  5. Overall nice attempt, different song and composition.

    I m someone experienced from the industry, I would like to give my feedback but at the same time I would say that my aim is not to discourage you but to tell you what you are lacking to be the best and rock the world..

    Whatever song, but the following cannot be tolerated

    Production Issues
    1. Mixing ( Music overrides the vocals )
    2. Solo (Was not composed properly, it was just play and go)
    3. What a stupid end

    Vocal Issues
    1. Dead vocal tone (Needs practice)
    2. Less energy (More louder and higher notes)
    3. Lots of tuner can be identified due to flat notes

    Overall I would say Good Work.. Keep coming with your best…

  6. nice track…. ali man ur damn improved and thats a great sign… good music, solo not much impressive but overall guys u did a great job …….. zip it up n zip it out

  7. ok well here is wt i think:

    i liked the idea of the song… enjoyed the start very much…. liked the drumming most of the time … although i would’ve liked to hear a bit more variety of drum rolls…i thought the 8th note licks on the double bass n the snare were used too often … that kinda confused me because sometime the rolls were more progressive than the rest of the track … but that was only in some parts… the drumming with the guitar solo was very cool… it really boosted n complimented the guitar solo… so overall i found the drumming technical which got my attention…i liked the rhythm guitar n the arpeggio on the keyboard … they were right on the money… minor issues with the production… the sound of the snare sounded a bit odd to me … the lyrics were cool … the guitar solo didn’t do much for me … the starting of the was very promising … the mode and the scale used took the song to a higher level along with the drumming … but the part where the scale changes to major (or at least appears to have changed to major) didn’t justify the starting … the vocals need work… they were a bit flat at times … lacking energy… n the range was extremely limited…. which didn’t allow the vocalist to show some skill in the higher range… and it kind of made the vocal part monotonous… the low notes were not done properly… especially at the end of sentences

    OVERALL the song was very good for a first attempt… its better than at least 70% of the underground music I’ve heard in Pakistan … Keep Working Hard And Rock On!!! I wish you guys all the best =)

  8. wow!
    now that’s some commenting!
    thankyou people!
    well one thing i would like to say on behalf of myself! critcise all you want please, i like it 🙂
    but the ending notes of sentences, WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS AUTO TUNER, but lemme clarify, i took those shifts myself!
    and about the limited range, like i said earlier, the lyrics had a feel to it, which wasn’t allowing me to go loud!
    I assure you INSHALLAH our next track will not give you ways to criticise! 🙂

  9. WOW….

    terry gave me ths sng.. went hm n wen it started i was like it gna run smOOOth through oUt
    then it got sm picks wid electric guitar…. then the scene came onN…
    drummIng wAS cool aswell
    as far as te concept ov the sng is cncern no doubT was gud
    i think the pitch was also gOOd … as this much was needed to do justice wid te sng…

    now the ending ov the song.. the bOOst… its marvellous….

    only the thng wich could ‘ve ben improved…. the very last sec ov the muziq is nt smooth ending….
    nd yeah


    best wishex

  10. Who ever composed this track…my special congrats to him!! seriously the music and lyrics are just mind blowing and can easily be compared to any mainstream band. awesome drumming and bass…though vocals need to be looked at..but over all this is a fab number!

    Good luck for your future boys..ill definitely b looking fwd to your work.

  11. I’d rate it 7/10.
    Okay now why I didn’t give you the remaining three marks..
    1) Mastering of vocals was fine. Ali lost his tone in some parts of the song. Especially in the chorus.
    2) Guitar solo sucks. And instead of an outro solo, a middle-of-the-song-solo- would’ve suited the song more.
    3) Drums are a little too trebly.

    The lyrics were good. So was the production. The guitar tone was okay for this song..Suited it and that’s all that matters.
    Loved the composition. And ofcourse it was 189483905138095 times better than DARWAZA!!!
    Good job!


  13. Sorry friends, it was wrong issue of incomplete song on PMR >… !

    I have checked It .. Its Complete So Keep Downloading Without Any hesitations

    Sohaib Shah

    – Pak Media Revolution

  14. to be honest…its just okay…try to make the chorus a bit epic yeah…if you want to make something out of this, make it different and yeah bilal dont just add a lead just because you want to…and yo the vocalist try to add some colors man, you sound like you’re whining…
    to sum up…try harder or consider a real job…a nice attempt tho

  15. Wel thr is nthng mor to say as evrythng is discussd above. . , wht i wud lik to say CB improvd a lot aftr Darwaza specialy, Ali n drummer per4md brilliantly. , . Realy a nice job


  16. Vocals are pathetic..Drums are sequenced, thus sounds identical..Solo was too short as compared to the whole lot of song..I tried many different angles, but could not find it any thing related to ‘Experimental/Post Rock/Grunge’..

  17. realli a nice song buddy .. Terry boht alla mch happi wid ur vocals dis tyme
    production is realli mch mch mch mch mch betta dehn Darwaza..
    Terry i told yew naa [:P]
    The starting vocals Mainy Tumny sounds realli gud yar …
    nice lyricks boi ..
    it could be mch mch better if yew sing chorus part in higher notes..
    khair anyways Bohat alla yar .. Keep it up Boys
    May Allah give yew whteva yew want…

  18. niiice….u guys can make it big in the underground scene mark my words…just try to work a bit on the vocals..and the mixing…btw..darwaaza was a really good song considering it was ur debut,,,keep rocking.

  19. The song was really DOPE! You could work a bit more on the vocals, other than that, it’s perfect! =p Keep up the goodwork.

    Thumbs up to all of you, especially moi biache Terry =p Muaaah! haha

  20. GUD JOB Ali bHAi….i HOpe u reMemBEr me…..tHE onE frm lAHore..ur NEighbOUR….well thE woRk is reALly ImprEssiVE …..guD JOB 😀


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