Artist: Shehryar Ahmed Khan
Song: Meri Zindagi

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  1. LOL good effort, i dun wanna discourage u…but the song is not tht good.

    and PLZ…apna wardrobe fauran badlo!!!

  2. lun gana, lun vocals and lun music aur chootiya video. murzie’s a b-grade video director infact c grade. jaisai india ki softcore b-grade porn videos hoti hain

  3. boy oh boy listen guys u guys are sick khud kuch kar nahi saktay aur dusroon ka kaam bardast nahi hota typical losers murzie is a new director he’s experimenting n all and day by day he’s gettin better it even depends on the budget of the vid which cam is used n all secondly aik new singer who comes n gives somthing different wo tumse dekha nahi jata aik different composition hai wid meaningful lyrics telling a full story not like every other singer just rhyming lyrics which dont even make sense hum jeeyay ja rahay hain gham peeay ja rahay hain n repeating it 10 times shit like dat worthless n da guy above says wardrobe badlo dude 4 what da thing hes wearin is amazing i have neva seen any artist wearin such clothes in a video the dress is kinda gothic which describes sadness and agression the music is so different wid an amazing flute start and groovy metal sound wid da antaras guys i understand music n i can tell not evry body has 2 sing it out loud dis composition is like english songs sumthin differnt and original though vocals need 2 improve a bit but so far its catchy a melo song i appreciate it n so should the rest of da ppl vid rocks the smoke n all frame work is weak dats all and dis guy chattin abt his wieght yar wo tumaray ghar se tou nahi khata tou kiss baat ke aag hai atleast hes better lukin dan u n rest of dese days artist except very few

  4. Wah sir ala outfit gud music really a different composition dan dese days usual crap melodious song vid is gud but its direction is really poor i guess its says concept by sherry hats off man waitin 4 chapter 2 and dnt bother abt dese amateur listeners bus beat suna dou inko yeh khush hain haha koi haal nahi sir u carry on keep up da gud work we need dat change in da industry


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