Artist: Zeeshan Khakwani
Song: Har Kahin

Produced by – Xulfi at Xth Harmonic Studios.

Manager —-> Sohaib Shah :- 0322-6170707

Lyrics :-
Kis Jagah Zindigi Lay Ayi Mujhe
Maut Bhi Ab Lagay Kuch Parayi Mujhe

Main Hoon Chal Raha Per Koi Saya Nahin
Zindigi Ne Mujse Tujhe Bhi Paya Nahin

Har Jagah Baybassi Kheench Laye Mujhe
Har Ghari Doori Si Lagti Mujhe

Phir Bhi Kuch Aaas Tu Jo Mere Pass Hai
Ab Kahin ! Ab Kahin !

Chal Parha Main Us Safar Peh Lay Kar Kasam
Sochta Hon Maut Bhi Kya Dey Gi Zakham

Meri Ankhain Ghirte Ansoo Ab Hain Churan
Thak Chuka Hon Sehte Sehte Ab Yeh Sitam

Har Jagah Baybassi Kheench Laye Mujhe
Har Ghari Doori Si Lagti Mujhe

Phir Bhi Kuch Aaas Tu Jo Mere Pass Hai
Ab Kahin ! Ab Kahin !

Har Jagah Baybassi Kheench Laye Mujhe
Har Ghari Doori Si Lagti Mujhe

Tu Jo Agar Pass Hai Phir Bhi Ehsaas Hai
Ab Kahin ! Har Kahin

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  1. Wow … Amazing track .. just a lil more than expected …
    Has to be this good when its a combination of Xulfi and Zeeshan !
    Good Luck !

  2. uff uff …zeeshan boht aalaa gaanna hai…keep it up dude..u rock…!!! waiting fr u videos!!….high expectations! xD πŸ˜€

  3. Any song produced by Xulfi is suppose to be quality music and this song is nothing short of that. This is the kinda music majority of our youth would appreciate. This truly deserves a video.

  4. yar ab yeh be tu solo nahe hogaya hai……..coz now a dayz iz kinda a trend to make a band then then break it…….i wish not……..awesome song kasme must download………….and Xulfi produce excellent songz……………….gud dudezzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. After listening to “Khoi Ankhein” I didnt really want to download another song by Zeeshan but a friend of mine mailed it up and I was all shocked up with the amazing track. Much much much better than his previous work. Chorus is beautiful. The song has nice feel to it. Mature vocals unlike before and professional mixing. Two thumbs up (y). Last time I added your content was majboori this time however it is the impression.. the song left on me..

  6. this is a really good song
    but the production sucks …… vocals are the only thing that is recorded and mixed good

    drum tones , guitar tones , solo
    everything could’ve been better

    sorry but xulfi is only producing his own music good

    but anyway about the song

    Very good composition , lyrics
    vocal tone of zeeshan is nice

    and I even made another version of the track….maybe he would release it sometime if he wants lol :p

    Take care
    Best of luck

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God just loved his voice and music is rocking man .i just wona meet this guy πŸ˜›

  8. credits of this song
    guitar tuned by shahid
    bass tuned by lalo per sad
    drums picked and placed by pata nahi kon tha
    mic stand placed by fiqa and basha
    and mixed by and mastered by zulfi bhai atlast πŸ˜›
    ab theak hea khush

  9. singing style copied from the vocalist ov 82 rockers….very dry track..not well mixed…Xulfi only works good on his own stuff..! zeeshan….. shud beeter change his production..! friendly suggestion…!

  10. hi man gud song and u know on radio for the v fisrt time i played this song Thanks captain for giving me fresh music

  11. Two things
    The music is too much loud and the voice gets lost sometimes
    The rythem breaks


    Nice try , keep it up

  12. Vocals are definitely improved from the last track, good job with that. Overall it’s not bad it’s a decent track, although song sounds like it’s been done before so many times… still I liked it. Keep at it man looking forward to hearing more from you.

  13. well you can keep deleting my comments but it would not change the reality

    there is no freedom of views in Pakistan.. not in the Govt. not in the Public

  14. Zeeshan Khakwani HOPES of MULTAN πŸ˜›
    Great Song Xulfi did a little to much with this! !
    I think it might be better of keeping it on slower side rather giving a Rock effect ! !
    Anyhow all and all very well sung ! !
    Rock on Zeeshan Khakwani \m/

  15. lol seems like someone handed “nazam” over to you and said you to sing the song on the music in the first try.
    music is good.


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