Artist: Ali Kashfi
Song: Dooriyan Faasle

Click Here to Download Audio.
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  1. hi dude gud song… poetry riwayati hay… zara is par tawaja den.. voice is gud,, magar throat say ganay ki koshish mat kia karen,, seenay say awaz nikalye takay or acha ga saken… ye 1 bhai ki janib say posative critisism hay so plz isko buara mat manye ga… with best wishes.. Husnain…

  2. ya shit sania shut the hell up and ya hagball u aint gotta any taste in music so three words for u F OFF

  3. why the fish, you all are making same kinda stuffs? and Sania the user who commented above, is absolutely right. Was it even needed to make video for it? Dude, why to waste your time and money? start with making audio, and if it’s worth the try, make video. Else sit back home, work somewhere, earn good, live life happily.


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