Song: Chue Chue
Artist: Zain

Name:  Zain Ul Abideen
Place of Birth: Karachi
Star:  Gemini
Date of Birth: 20-06-1986
Fav Colour: Blue reflects colours of my dreams Blue hidden things still to xplore..
Hobbies: Musik musik and Musik my soul, my food, my life …. love listening it..singing it and playing..

Biography :
Zain has been involved in the Pakistani Music scene from Long time. His name is well-known in all the main production houses in Karachi. A Talented singer with an extensive experience in all kind of Vocal experiences, Zain is not only ambitious towards his musical career but honestly interested in making and doing good music to entertain people. The first single by Zain known as “Saiyaan Saiyaan” was released on In the beginning of 2006, and was a hit, earning a lot of appreciation and great reviews. From then onwards Zain took special interest in the kind of sound the audiences wanted to hear and has henceforth after a labor of 2 years completed his album. His association with Big names like Shani haider (Couple of goods) and Shuja Haider are well known regarding his album work. On another front Zain has also done a lot of commercial work, including jingles and voice-overs for many major brands of Pakistan Including “Talkshawk, tapal, Pepsi twist, Coke, Sprite, fanta, pepsi max, Ufone, Atlas bank, Lifebouy, Peek-freans and many more” with some of the major production houses like “Magic Notes”(Farrukh Abid and Shoaib Farrukh). The list of his activities in this particular field doesn’t end, Zain has also worked for the Geo television networks and sang the title track for “Koi hai jo humain hassaye” hosted by Umar shareef. Zain is also hosting a regular radio show on “Hot fm 105” from past 8 months And has an extensive fan-following. All in all, He is not a unknown voice to the public and Music heads in general. His Debut album “Zeal” is complete with 9 totally different songs, that are groovy and melodious at the same time. Mastered and mixed at the best studios of Karachi, it is a very promising album and bound to make it big and this fact is not a guarantee, but a certainty!

your comments:


  1. well i just love this song, i have the complete song from the last 4 months…..n i just love it …. 🙂 Chue Chue un pyari ratoun mai rocks 😛

  2. the antara/stanza of the song sounds like the Indian Zara Zara from the movie rehna hay tere dil mein

  3. also it looks like this song is produced by shuja as his style is quite visible not only in the production but also how the singer is singing the song

  4. plz tell me anyone how can i join PMR..
    the registration form is not getting filled…
    it says abt sm image verification….
    help me anyone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. zain u rock………. great awesome song i just love it chue chue un pyari raaton me……… keep rocking! INSHAALAH u will be very successful soon.

  6. This is a awsome website! (:
    i am Loving it (:
    hats off to you guys! (:
    please don’t stop adding! (:
    Keep Rocking! (:

  7. kk……………ur rite..the song’s quite resembling ZARA ZARA..same chrds progression…antra tu copied hai..
    zain show ur own work …vocal rogg k vocalist jaise hain..aur music bhe..!

  8. well I was just gonna say the same thing k this song resembles zara zara…………..and the antra is actually a total copy paste of it…………..btw ur vocals resemble SHUJAH HAIDER alot…………………………newayz…………best of luck……….n plz show some REAL work………….just cuz u’ve worked with a thousand producers all over Karachi doesn’t mean that u cud b a gud musician…………..newayz best ov luck……………….

  9. Hey Zain I have heard U on FM. M ur fan b4 Chue Chue .
    U know Wat main apki awaz aankhain band kar k sunti hoon ta k nazar na lag jaye 😉
    So nice song..Sweetest voice of da world..
    Can’t explain in word howz ya voice n style…!!

    Danm Sweet !!

  10. @KK

    i agree wid kk’s above comment.

    voice is gud .. but The song’s medoldy looks lyk copied from an Indian song!!


  11. i dont agree abt the antara of zara zara its very different ZAIN is not a copier he is da beshtt !!! well i just found 2 of his songs saiyaan saiyaan and chue chue it says it has 9 songs where do i get thm from!??

  12. subah s khoubsurat raat aaat s khoubsurat chand chand s kkhoubsurat chandni chandni s khoubsurat zindagi zindagi s khoubsurat aap

  13. zain aap k zindagi ka har pal nayab ho jaye aap k dil k kali khil kar gulab ho jaye jin per barasti hon khuda k khas rehmat in hastion m aap ka intakhab ho jaye

  14. Zain bhai i want to become a dj or rj plz zain dada bhoi help me plzzzzzzzzz tum karsakte ho meri help to karo naaaaaaaaaaa kya akelai akelai famous ho gai kya dosron ka haq mar rahe ho plz meri help karo dj ya rj ban ne mai plz plzplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. xellent track……
    he got a multifaceted vice….
    sometimes he sounds like junaid jmshed……
    awsum trak…
    n da best thing abt it is its a pure paki pop track
    our industry rocks

  16. Hmmm lyrics theift…abt the composition haha u have hired alllll the bst musisions of pakistan n recording done in the best studio….ba doing sooo i cn also do lyk u. Welll i came to know ur the rudest person in this whole world u think dat ur the one but dude stuff u did in past ws not very good wt ever hapnd sumone slaped rite on ur face mayn bang goes ur atitude !!!!!! U suck mayn u suck alot..

  17. I don’t think so….if Zain z being a lil resrved & down 2earth, it dzn’t mean dt he z rude……otherwise he wudn’t have organized this portal for his fans.
    Really Zain z 2,2 good……U’ve got talent, u’ve got the voice, & even if ur hit resembles somebody else’s work dzn’t matter nobody else wz able 2 do it better than u did!!!
    I don’t have much knowledge about music though but i liked the way u’ve started the song with a twinkling sort of a sound… gives such a fantasy like touch to it.
    I just feel, u have the ability to do much much different than dis… for example have u ever tried taking different aspects of characters in ur lyrics????? i mean all dis pyar , mohobbat waghaira we all have listened 2 it. dis z a classical topic ~ no doubt, wat if u try potraying an evil or the elderly…different classes of pple & make them such so dt pple of every gathering may enjoy & relate to it..

  18. Nice song yar…..its reallly fantastic and my mind is so relaxed after listening this song(though mujhay apni girl frnd bauhat yaad ati hay) but any hw itxx reallly coool…….excellent job budyyy

  19. Fabulous Song !!!!! Zain keep it dude your first song cheu cheu is really awesome , and im really excited to listen more n more song from you so kindly released your album as soon as possible god bless you …

  20. Fabulous Song !!!!! Zain keep it dude your first song cheu cheu is really awesome , and im really excited to listen more n more song from you so kindly released your album as soon as possible god bless you …

  21. 😀 Nice song yar or achi khaasi larkiyan bhi khuaar hogai hain tum par 😀

    Have you seen Mehwish’s posts?

    She is a real infatuated one 😛


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