Miami Fashion Week: Munib Nawaz Winner of Best Men’s Designer !!

Munib Nawaz is perhaps one of the best Pakistani Men’s Fashion designers. Although we have many Men’s designers in Pakistan such as Amir Adnan, Aijaz, Deepak Perwani… etc, it is Munib Nawaz who really explores the boundaries of Men’s Fashion. The man has not limited himself to just one kind of Men’s wear such as traditional Pakistan wear or western wear only, he has worked with both and even at times fused the two. The traditional Shirvani can easily be fused with a tail coat while a Tang or seedha pajama can be fused with a pair of pants. Munib Nawaz presented his line at Miami Fashion week and actually won the award for best Men’s designer. A “Pakistani” designer winning that title in “America”. What is really great about this achievement is that Munib really represented PAKISTAN. During Karachi Fashion week Munib made his models wear a sash which said “We love Pakistan”. During Miami Fashion week Munib designed a few pieces just for the ramp that actually had the map of Pakistan on the back. Now that is what we call representing.

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  1. I say he is not one of the best but the best fashion designer in Pakistan. beats everyone when it comes to fashion

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