ATROX – The Domain of the Evil and Fear – not only implies the name of our band but epitomizes a melodic thrash of sarcastic, skeptic poetry. It is the amalgamation of the fear and frustration of the insanity, hate and remorse that abides in this world. Fear, the devils child, rips at our souls and tears until we are no longer whole. It encompasses us, engulfs us and lurks within us all, as does the evil rampages about our souls. Our music is a creative and intense fruition of this dark truth of life, which we all hope and strive towards conquering.

Genre: Melodic Metal

Vocals: Raja Saad
Lead Guitars: Syed Luqman
Rythm/Alternative Lead Guitars: Ammar A. Ali
Bass Guitars: Ussayd Khan
Drums: Najeeb Aftab

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  1. nice…. atrox is getting on other sites too… the song is nice because of the music… the vocalist is OK but the music is impressive the riffs are amazing… good luck 4 the future guys….

  2. ….wohoooooo Awsome song guyz …… really luved it………. Thumbz up for u guyz …. lookin forward for your other songz….. and yeh i agree wid Faiz u guyz are getting on other sites ……….. best of luck for the future

  3. thanks a lot for youor comments, we just wanted to bring something new, something different in underground scene in order to break the monotonous and stereotype sound of up coming bands.


    Atrox Team

  4. Music is perfect for the melodic metal genre, but to be honest the vocals has to be the weak factor somehow i didn’t like it, knowing the fact the type of genre doesn’t need a toned up voice to sound it to be euphonic or something in which people relies mostly on vocals.
    But on the whole its always nice to see something out of the box.
    looking forward for your other projects..

  5. hey awsomeeeeeeee work guyz…….. u guyz haf come up wid sumfin really new and seriously itz mind blowing …… ok i do agree wid burner to sum xtent k vocalz r bit weak …… but dznt matter …….. i guess it will get better wid tyme ….. but i personally loved the whole song …….. including the lyrics….. thumbz up ……………… and best of luck for u guyz !!!! …….atlast Sumfin different !!!!

  6. dis song rox as i’ve stated previously…but

    y don’t u record another…….we wanna here more of ur songs…….aint it ryte???

  7. YEh Malo is ryte y don’t u record another….. and btw y isnt this song in the spotlight …. u guyz kan take it to spot light so tat more ppl kan hear this one ……….. Infact Pmr Admin shud b knwin tat this song is worth enough to be in the spotlight …………. best of luck for future …. hope so listen more from u guyz

  8. hey i have a band aswell called “Ismail and Junaid”,,,i am not much into other typical paki underground bands nor the mainstream bands…but this band just blew me awayy….Great great work guyz,,creative,,fusion of melodies,,awesome experiment..keep it up guyz

  9. Listen ..we liked your song mitti alot ..we decided to make a video on it ..we will put your band name on the description …would you guys mind ?


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