Strings – Koi Aanay Wala Hai

Review by : Danish Afroz (DAN)
Location : India


After much wait and anticiapation Strings finally delivered. Normally the first couple of tracks give indication where the album is going.. but here the case was somewhat different. By the end of the album, it feels like just another effort from Strings and not something to be remembered for long.

Already there were 2 tracks that we’ve heard to death – in Zinda and Akhri Alvida so there were less of songs remaining to impress.

So in the end of the day – the album turns out to be 4 and a half song product… as much as i hate to say this !!

The songs that actually get me are Titiliyan – by far the best, bcoz of superb backing vocals in the form of Bilal’s Vocals- ” titiliyan yaado ki urti jayein ..” The song in itself is somewhat dark themed one based on losing on love (once again) and its memories.. which is somewhat weak.. the lyrics are too predictable here. But as i said.. there’s something about the song that is its saving grace. One wonders , with better lyrics, this song would’ve made much more impact.

On the side-note… the song is probably inspired by their own song “khirki” from their album ‘ Duur’. Another element that makes this song amazing is the underlying flutes.. which always bring out sense of sadness. Something they have used previously to good effect.

The next favourite comes out to be the title track – Koi Anay Wala Hai.. again just because of Bilal’s distorted riffs and superbly executed backing vocals ”anay wala hai koi” … “koi anay wala hai” along with Faisal’s chorus. As expected this song might be the one that will give strings its publicity…and sales.. but frankly they don’t have much ammunition left with them in their arsenal this time !

Next in line is Humsafar – i dont care if it sounds like Coldplay or anything else.. but it has probably the best lyrics and guitars of the album… With the impeccable guitar solo pitched in and followed by the best lyrical part of the album “mere geeton ke bol bhi tum.. ye jaana…” makes up for some soulful listening here.

These 3 songs and half of the other 3 songs make up for the listen-able tracks of the album. rest is probably skip-able !

Keh Diya is your movie soundtrack-ish Kishore Kumar era type song which u can listen if u dont have anything better to listen.
Its probably too soft pop number and really nothing special in it to hold the listener for long.

Hum Hee Hum wudve turned out to be the high energy inspirational song of the album and it somewhat manages to bring out that effect initially. but one gets over this soon. the chorus is mildly powerful with some “hey .. hey” pitched in. At some points the lead guitars seems somewhat inspired by U2 track “I will Follow” and im not surprised coz they are known to have been U2 inspired. The good thing abt this song again.. and if i can add – of the album – is Bilal’s Backing Vocals – they are so much better than his full out songs – ‘sonay do’ and ‘jago’ which ironically indicate Bilal’s affinity towards sleep or lack of it !
However both are average tracks with Sonay Do a bit better with its dreamy feel. Jaago is loud and brash shouting ‘hit me skip’ !!

Jab Bhi mein is another somewhat likeable track. This is one of the remake of their song which featured in their album – String 2. Drums and tempo are revved up here which makes it a pacy track. I must say that this is a likeable track

Which leaves me with Jabse Tumko – which is another remake from their earliest album ‘Strings’. Having listened to that this is still better .. however it turns out to be rather loud and sounds like rock n roll with distorted vocals.. lyrics are not impressive so it becomes just another track of this album !

Therefore after years of anticipation Strings dish out an average stuff… which leaves us wondering if they could’ve taken couple of more years and get atleast couple of more good tracks in the this dismal lineup.

Never mind every band hits this forgettable phase and lets not take away anything from this remarkable band. They will bounce back and hard.. just needs to be seen after how long. Till then.. all listeners ko” sonay do” and let them “jaago…”

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  1. haha i loved ur last line!
    waise honestly titlyan,humsafar and koi ane wala hai were probably the three songs i liked most in the album too
    i think ur review was far more fair than the other ones i’ve read on different sites =)
    yea definitely,this album wasn’t the best..dhani was far better but i guess strings have produced great numbers previously so rock on,strings!


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