– The Sky Is Not Enough – Akash’s Debut Album Aks Review

Review by : Danish Afroz (DAN)
Location : India

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The Boys have been around, after numerous live performances, video releases, teasers and near album releases, the newest sensation Akash has come up with their debut album.

Hype sometimes becomes the reason of disappointment, but here Akash is out there to live up to it.
Akash since their first track release, has been in the scene and therefore the expectations were high prior to this release. The end result speaks for itself – 19* tracks , each meant to offer something unique and bound to keep the listeners interested.

One of the key features about this work from Akash is that they hav incorporated alot of classical instruments. However this album wont be coming under the label of another ‘fusion’ work.

Its more of an experimental work and thats what is going to make Aks stand out. Not many bands would dare to experiment alot, but the work only speaks of Akash being confident of their talent.

Song after song, Akash displays its wide spectrum of their musical offering. We get shades of hard rock, punk, semi classical, contemporary rock and what Akash calls themselves – Soul Rock. In the end i wud’nt label the album strictly to a single genre as it goes on to offer something to every listener.

Sam has put his heart and soul, and sweat if i may add, and end of the day its worth it !

The songs are nicely produced at PMR Studios, but i feel theres is further room for improvement. Akash really need to look into their ‘loud’ factor coz there is a very thin line separating loud music from loud noise.

I have not review some of the most heard tracks such as Ji Liya, Aaj Phir, Hum Aazad Hain for alot has already been said abt these tracks.

For the rest ive tried my best to put my feelings into words.. though no words are not enough to describe this work !

Aks Intro- Nothing much needs to be said.. its just a short track abt what were going to get !

Piya – This is a song which for me highlights the ultimate musical pleasure. The arragements are simply superb , the harmonuim is amazing. This song is all about enriching ones musical senses ! Its really is the pinnacle of Akash’s musical endeavours !

Rock Funda – Here comes a track which is again full of energy and loaded with enthusiasm. Again Loud is the key word here and loud it goes. The song also features a rap sequence by Omar of the band ‘Kain’.

Tum Kahan Ho – Its a reprise of Ji Liya and its amazing how Akash has turned this song into all together different piece. Its one of those songs which leaves the listener asking for more..

Kyun – If anyone has heard this song before, they’re up for some surprise. Kyun now sounds different, mellower than before. Fultes have been incorporated, towards the beginning and the end, which i felt was not very much required. But the signature Akash power chords and riffs are there. Somehow i feel the ‘harder’ rock version was a bit better. The song ends with that headbanging element for all ya rockers to enjoy !

Armaan – Before the album release this song has already made its impact with a very effectivly executed peppy video. The song in itself a signature Akash track, full of energy. I specially liked the Bass-Drums jam sequence, its not very often we see the bass
being given the prominence.

Ajnabi / Tanha Unplugged – One word. Melancholic. I wud say this is my pick from the album. The song is beautifully underlined by heart rending violin strains and emphasises the rather ‘all alone in love’ feel of this song. Its one of those songs that is bound to leave one asking for more. Set ur music players in repeat track mode !

The Unplugged version of Ajnabi in ‘Tanha’ is even better ! This is Soul Rock at its best !!

Kho Gaya Hoon – The first thing that strikes the listener in this song is the feel of the yesteryears music. The kind we used to listen in 90’s. The song celebrates the feeling of being lost in love, and wud been a mellow pop song if not for some nice guitar treatments ! another favourite here.

Kabhi- Akash experimented with this song. Being an ‘partial inspiration’ they had to do something with it to make it unique. The song starts with muffled vocals and then the guitars soar ! At one point of time there is this stereo panning of guitar sounds. I wud say the tracks has come out really effective !

Na Mil Saka – Another of those tracks which is a towards the sad side. Sitars have been incorporated nicely in this track. But overall I didnt find the track hereThough not very impactful, but it still makes a mark. One cant ignore this track and move on. And if the mood is sombre.. this track will always find its way into playlist.

Da Teen Char Song- Yes its the surprise element of the album. A really fun track which has elements of classic-country-rock ! A really sweet track !

My Last Breath Inst – This is where Akash is reaching some hieghts, literally ! The song is a relentless showcase of the talent Akash is. The song has been played at live concerts with some improvisations, but the album track is also a pure delight ! Despite being an instrumental, it speaks more than many full flegded tracks would do ! Its sure to blow away ones mind.

Zindagi (Unplugged) – Its an unplugged version of Kyun and is marked by some percussions. A sort of slow paced track, just goes on to prove how much variation akash is capable of bringing to its listeners !

Then there are couple of Remixes of Arman and Ji Liya pitched in to serve to a different set of listeners.

I must say that with all the variations and remixes, use of various instruments, Akash has managed to capture the whole spectrum of audiences. If there was any album that i came across in recent times delivering to such a wide segment of listeners it has to be this one. And no its not just the quantity, its for the sheer quality of the work !

And yes even after the high this album takes the listeners to, Akash is not yet done… and as they say.. The sky is not enough !

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