Music Video : Meekal Hasan Band – Waris Shah

Directed by : Zeeshan Perwez

Video Director Zeeshan Parwez’s notes:

“This video was a journey of 6 months for me and my team, I hope y’all like the video as much as we liked making approx 3000 drawings for this. Once again, shouts out to the people at the end of the credits and to Mekaal for being patient.”

your comments:


  1. i must this is 1 of their best compositions and best video concept aswell !
    loved it!
    simple and speaks it all!
    keep rock’n’ rollin!

  2. Well Meekal Hassan is the most mature artiste in our undustry in my opinion an he does a great job in Meekal Hassan Band….
    Kepp rockin’


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