Musicians from Nescafe Basement formed a band Bayaan

After the success of the much praised Nescafe Basement, some of the musicians decided to form a band. Reaching this decision after realizing their potential during Nescafe Basement, the band is named ‘Bayaan’. Literally, this word refers to a statement regarding a particular subject. As a band, Bayaan aims to express their perspective of worldly human experiences and how they affect every single individual through their music. As quoted by one of the band members, ‘we aspire to defy the status-quo of constricting to a specific genre or style by creating music that knows no bounds.’
Coming to Nescafe Basement, Asfar Hussain, Shahrukh Aslam, Haider Abbas and Mansoor Lashaari were in both of its seasons. Nescafe Basement’s season two received a lot of appreciation especially from people such as Rohail Hayat, the producer of Coke Studio. However, the people behind the success and introduction of Nescafe Basement include Xulfi J. Khan as the producer and Murtaza Niaz as the director.

Band Lineup
Asfar Hussain – Vocals
Shahrukh Aslam – Guitars
Muqueet Shahzad – Guitars
Haider Abbas – Bass
Mansoor Lashari – Drums

PMR wish them luck & we hope soon to listen great content from you guys!

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