Fahad Sheikh delivers an exceptional performance in Dunk

The Pakistani drama serial Dunk has been one such thriller which keeps us on the edge of our seats since its very first episode. Starring the star cast Bilal Abbas, Sana Javed, Fahad Sheikh and Yusra Rizvi alongwith the legendary Noman Ijaz, the storyline of Dunk revolves around the consequences that occur out of false allegations of harassment and the turn of events that it takes.

The story begins with how when Haider (Bilal Abbas) gets to know about the evil doing and manipulation of Amal (Sana Javed), he plans to reopen the case of harassment. Amal gets scared of this out of fear of being exposed and therefore to counter that, Amal accuses Haider for putting hands on her dignity that infuriates her husband, Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) against him.

In the latest episode, it was shown how Amal’s in-laws had to leave for the demise of their friend and ask her to come along with her to which she refuses and opts to stay at home. She later calls Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) who insists on sending a driver so that she can leave to her parent’s place but she refuses that too, saying that she will be safe at home.

Taking advantage of this, she plots a plan against Haider (Bilal Abbas) which appears successful as the whole family comes home to witness it. It enrages Fahad Sheikh to respond furiously to his brother by attempting to slap him multiple times as well.

The expression of anger and dialogue delivery amidst it by the brilliant actor and talent power-house Fahad Sheikh leaves the audience in awe as the story takes such a massive shift. From the beginning of the episode to its very end, Fahad Sheikh executes a phenomenal exchange of expression which speaks more words than dialogues and gets the message across to the viewers.

Fahad Sheikh presented the perfect balance of the right amount of anger and action in the latest episode, which makes the fans await what his character Safeer has in store for us in the upcoming episodes. Truly an asset to the industry, Fahad Sheikh shines through the every episode in the presence of the industry’s well acknowledged and praised stars. It is truly his performance to remember!

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