Ali Khan’s Surmai Ankhon Main has sugary-sweet lyrics

Nothing works better than some musical motivation to inflate an ego. You may feel like no words can express the tingling butterflies in your stomach or the jumbled thoughts your new crush seems to have put in your mind.

Ali Khan’s Surmai Ankhon Mein, is exactly one such tune. The chorus alone provides all the means necessary to get you in the mood for a new romance.

Ali Khan originally released Surmai Ankhon Mein about 10 years ago after his super hit song Saathiya.

The Bisconni Music version of Surmai Ankhon Mein is produced by Saad Hayyat for the show and is featured in episode 3.

Watch Ali Khan’s Surmai Ankhon Mein (Bisconni Music – Episode 3)

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