Sonu Nigam takes to his instagram to ket his followers know how genuinely to have met Sajjad Ali in person.
Sonu Nigam went on to share the details if the memeorable evening in the post and further added how he and his family are in love with Sajjad Ali’s “Katna Nai”.

This is not the first time Sonu Nigam praised a Pakistani musucian. Few weeks back, he took to his socialmedia and shared a very emotional moment with his fans, while praising Bol Hu by Hadiya and Soch from Xulfi’s Basement.

Music has no boundaries. No matter what language, genre, rythym, it can always find a way to everyone’s heart. Sonu Nigam’s emotional, teary eyed reaction to ‘Bol Hu’ featured in Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan produced Basement season 5 is a perfect example of how music has no boundaries. Teary eyed Sonu Nigam went on to say how listening to Bol Hu made him cry his heart out. He further sent his heartfelt wishes and prayers for Hadiya Hashmi, Soch Band and also for Adnan Dhool for his versatile lyrics for Bol Hu . @sonunigamofficial @zulfiqarjkhan @murtaza.niaz @sochtheband @rabi.ahmed @adnandhool @bilalhaiderworld @wbadar @pmrstudioworks @giraffepakistan @nescafebasementseason5 @saadmahboobali . #PMR #PakMediaRevolution #MusicOfPakistan #PakistaniMusic #PMRSupportsTalent #SupportOriginalMusic #SonuNigam #Xulfi #BolHu #NescafeBasement5 #NescafeBasement #Soch #HadiyaHashmi #AdnanDhool #RabiAhmed #PakistaniSingers #Music #MusicVideo #MusicIsLife #SingerSongWriter #Pakistan #India #Dubai

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After meeting Sajjad Ali, Sonu Nigam aslo shared that his sister Teesha Nigam was so in love with the song, that she wished to cover Sajjad Ali’s song Katna Nai. Sonu Nigam called Sajjad Ali to seek permission before his sister could record a cover to his surprise, Sajjad Ali not only gave his blessings to Teesha Nigam to cover the song; he did not charge or seek any remuneration for the rendition of his song.

This picture is from 19th March when Adel Farooq took us to check and assess Atif Ali’s studio for the first digital Live concert that we eventually did on 22nd Mar. Incidentally one of the most respected singers and musicians of all times, and my personal favourite @thesajjadali bhai was there too with his son and it was so sweet of him to wait till I arrive so we may meet for the first time in our lives.

And then we chatted for an hour and a half. Sharing some memorable pictures of that beautiful evening. For people who don’t know, his ‘Katna nai’ is one of my family’s most favourite songs and so was covered by my exceptionally talented sister @teeshanigam. But before that, I wanted to go about it absolutely respectfully and thus I called Sajjad bhai to seek his permission for the same. It was very very gracious of him to not just give us the permission for the same but not even charge for it! That’s called true graciousness.
BPS : The man behind these pictures, remains behind the pictures.. ? @adelffarooq

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