Jennifer Lopez shows Shakira how to booty-shake in Super Bowl rehearsal video

It’s been three months since Jenny from the Block rocked the Super Bowl stage — and now she’s taking fans behind the scenes.

Jennifer Lopez shared footage Sunday showing her and fellow headliner Shakira rehearsing ahead of the Super Bowl LIV halftime show in Miami.

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“I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since the #SuperBowlLIV #Halftime Show!” Lopez captioned the Instagram video. “So much has happened since then, but I wanted to share a fun peek behind the scenes at our first rehearsal with the dancers and @Shakira.”
“I do it with my knees,” J Lo tells Shakira mid-gyration … “If you shake your knees, your butt goes.
“My mother taught me that … when I was four!”

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The post features a slideshow of videos showing Lopez rehearsing her performances of “Jenny From the Block” and “Let’s Get Loud” with backup dancers, and sharing a booty-shake technique with Shakira that her mother taught her. It’s all part of newly released video Jenny from the Block decided to share with the world … showing all of the hard work the team put in to make that INCREDIBLE halftime show from SB LIV back in February. The Super Bowl halftime gig, which took place Feb. 2, saw Shakira, 43, kick off the show with some of her hit songs, followed by Lopez, 50, performing some of hers. They then joined each other on stage at the end to finish the high-energy performance. The Kansas City Chiefs won the game over the San Fransisco 49ers, 31-20, in comeback fashion.

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