Britney Spears burned down her home gym

Britney Spears posted a workout video on Instagram on April 30 and announced she accidentally burned down her home gym.
“Hi, guys, I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here for, like, six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately. I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down. Thankfully, no one was harmed by the blaze, though the disaster did destroy all but two pieces of workout equipment” the singer said Wednesday while filming an exercise video in her newly renovated workout space.

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“It was an accident …. but yes …. I burnt it down,” Spears wrote in the caption with a see-no-evil monkey emoji. “I walked past the door to the gym and flames … BOOM !!!!!! By the Grace of God the alarm went off after that and yippy hoorah nobody got hurt.” While she lamented — with some eye-roll emoijs — that the room has only one mirrored wall now (instead of the standard two?), the performer added, “But it could be much worse so I’m grateful. Pssss I like working out better outside anyways.”

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