This article is being written to draw the attention of Coca Cola Company towards their initiative that goes by the name of Coke Studio. I wonder what is the actual reason behind Coke Studio? Is it purely marketing
for Coke or has it actuallu got something to do with entertainment and creativity too?

So far two songs have been taken off from Youtube because of copyright claims made by the concerend entities.

First the song featuring Shuja Haider and Rachel Viccaji’s Saiyaan was also taken off YouTube briefly after a copyright strike by EMI Pakistan.
It was revealed that EMI Pakistan had the rights of the Noor Jehan classic and they stopped the song from being aired. However, the matter got resolved and the song was released.

Hairan Hua’s first song of Sanam Marvi for the season is the next in line that was removed from You Tube few days after it was released.
As per the message dispalyed on Youtube the video is no longer available because of AbidaParveen’s copyright claim. (Screenshot attached below for refernce)

What my mind was poundering on was that this particular Kalam had been composed many years ago by none other than our very own Abida Parveen Jee. But unfortunately, neither Rohail Hayat sought permission from Abida Parveen Jee to use her composition in Coke Studio, and neither was her name mentioned as Composer. The strange thing is that they have mentioned poetry composed by Hazrat Sachhal Sarmast r.a, which I have heard is infact not the case.

I just think and wonder abiut that what is it with Brands and music producers being so big in their ego that they fail to seek permission prior to using someone elses work?
Is this the right way to deal with such a high stature artist, not giving them due credits, not giving them the due respect for all their efforts?

Why do the the brand’s leagl team and the producer not sought the copyright issues and related matters of the songs before the season/episode go on air.

ARTICLE WRITTEN FOR PMR BY: BB (name concelaed for privacy)

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