Mujhay Beta Chahiye Episode 7 Review: Aiza Awan Steals The Show!

Sadia Jabbar Production’s ongoing drama serial Mujhay Beta Chahiye brings forth a topic that is a grave reality of our society – the discrimination between a girl and a boy and the preference of having a baby boy over a baby girl.
There is no denying the fact that this ‘Beta Chahiye’ syndrome is still prevalent in most conservative households in our society and it eventually leads to the destruction of various happy relationships simply because of this irrational bias. Mujhay Beta Chahiye, as the name suggests, excellently portrays this common patriarchal issue through a thought provoking narrative, a gripping storyline and an ensemble cast. The drama stars veteran actors Shagufta Ejaz, Shahood Alvi and Sabreen Hisbani in lead roles while budding actress Aiza Awan is also playing a key role in the play.

This week aired the 7th episode of the emotional family saga and we must say that the story is getting more intense with every passing week. Jahan Ara is playing her cards really well to attract Salman towards her and this episode shows how she has almost succeeded in her conspiracy, as Salman is now clearly falling for her, requesting him not to call him Salman Bhai anymore and making his wife Rubina apologize to Jahan Ara for a mistake she has not committed.
Moreover, Salman secretly takes Jahan Ara out on a date to celebrate her birthday, instead of taking his new born daughter to the hospital who is suffering from high fever. He first takes Jahan Ara out to a salon and waits outside till she gets her grooming done. In the meanwhile, a worried Rubina keeps calling Salman continuously because the van driver had left their second daughter in school, but he simply ignores the calls.
Shareefan and Jahan Ara’s plan has hit the right chord and Salman, who is desperate for a male child, is now deliberately neglecting his three daughters and wife. A depressed Rubina goes herself to pick her daughter from school while Salman is having the time of his life with Jahan Ara, praising her beauty and her looks and is unable to keep his eyes off of her.

Undoubtedly Aiza Awan clearly steals the show in this episode with her innocent looks and amazing acting. She seems to have fit into the skin of her antagonistic character and is pulling it off with such intensity and ease. Though this is her first project as an actor, she is pulling off her character really well. Sabreen Hisbani also stuns us with her performance as the caring mother and a loyal wife. Her character is very relatable and one can’t help but sympathize with her. Shahood Alvi and Shagufta Ejaz as always are giving out brilliant performances keeping us glued to our TV screens till the end of the episode.
A preview of the next episode shows Salman finally proposing Jahan Ara for marriage, making her dream come true, while things are going to get further complicated for Rubina and her daughters. It seems next episode will be more interesting, but a bit too depressing as well.
Tune into A Plus next Saturday at 8 pm to find out how the story further unfolds.

Written for PMR by Afshan Abbas

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