Famous song of 2000s “Jaan bhi de doon tu kahe o jane jana” officially sung by Saima Jahan, is revived by Rafeel Ejaz and Anu Chaudhry, and you know what? That is really a soulful composition. Apart from the lyrics, that are heart touching for anyone and especially for the lovers, the vocals are icing on the cake. Rafeel, who is a new face in the industry surely have a voice that we are going to listen a lot in the future.


Vocals of this new version of the song are really soothing that are not overly done and you can judge how well this song is sung by this dou. Rafeel and Anu gets support from light tunes of the guitar and that makes this song a perfect romantic song. Rafeel is coming with other projects in near future and we are sure that too will be really good. You shouy listen this song, if you have not fallen in love with someone by now , we can help you falling in love with this song.


Written for PMR by: Ahmad Murtaza

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