Mirasi | Hasan Nawaz | New Punjabi Song 2019

Hasan Nawaz is a talented singer who has just come out with a new single titled Miraasi. This song is defining his personal experience being part of a family that enriched with musical art.

The purpose behind this is to tell the world that Meeras has a valuable meaning in Urdu. We are as a society stigmatizing people by calling them Miraasi, however, it has a meaning of legacy.

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Anybody who is from the musical family, political family, educationist family, and many others are Miraasi if they are adopting the profession of their ancestors. Hence, labeling someone as Miraasi is not wrong or bad but it is misunderstood. So, listening to Hasan Nawaz‘s Miraasi is a sure thing now!

But, this song is revolving around the life of a guy whose family is musically enriched! So, enjoy the music and story of this guy it might relate to many of you in different family backgrounds as we all are Miraasi in case we are adopting the profession led by our forefathers!

The name Meeraasi comes from the Arabic word Meeraas (mirasi), which means ‘heritage’. In medieval times, the bards who were the keepers of the histories, stories, genealogies, poetry, and music of Northern India were known as Meeraasis (Mirasi). Many of them became students of Hazrat Amir Khusrau, the 12th Century scholar/mystic/poet/musician of the court of Delhi and disciple of Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya of the Sufi Chishtiya order. As historians of heritage, they were given the honorable title of Nasab Khwan which later just became Khwan Sahab.

Credits (As provided by the music label/publisher)

Song Title: MIRASI | مراثی | मिरासी | ਮਿਰਸੀ | میراثی | مئِرآث | مئِرآثئ
Lyrics & Composer: Hasan Nawaz
Music & Engineer: Nawaz Ali
Orgnl Punch-line Composer: Zonaib Zahid
Recorded at: Nawaz Studios
Video Production: Martial Films
Label: Junoon Records
Publisher: Jazba Entertainment Ltd.

Watch Mirasi by Hasan Nawaz below

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